Brian Hoyer on EMFs & How to Mitigate Them

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Katie: Hello. And welcome to “The Wellness Mama” Podcast. I’m Katie, from And I am here today with Brian Hoyer, to talk all things EMFs and how to mitigate them. Brian is a nutritional therapy practitioner who trained at the Klinghardt Academy at all three levels of autonomic response testing. He’s also a certified geobiologist with the GEOVITAL Academy, which is a naturopathic clinic in Australia who specializes in radiation protection and environmental medicine. That’s much more of a focus in Europe and they are really cutting edge when it comes to that. He is equipped with an education that allowed him to read and respond to the invisible. And in this, it dawned on him that as he looked around at society and saw the hidden dangers that were already debilitating generations, he knew that with the explosion of technology that there were also tools we could use to create safety within it, which is what I love about his approach because we can’t all live in a cave and never interact with technology. So today we’re going to delve into how to live in a world where technology is front and center but in a safe way. So Brian, welcome and thanks for being here.

Brian: Yeah, I’m so glad to be here.

Katie: Well, first and foremost, I would love to hear a little bit more about your story because I actually know you in real life. But I don’t fully know your story other than I know that there are some really cool points to it. So can you talk about how you ended up becoming a geobiologist, for instance, and got into this world?

Brian: Yeah, sure. Well, it really started with diving into all things natural health and that happened basically when my wife and I got pregnant with my first daughter, Journey. And she was a natural birth and we were doing a natural birthing class, the Bradley Method, which is pretty common one out there. A little outdated but it’s very, very good for like husband-coached childbirth. And anyway, we met some crunchy people in there and that made us question some of the things that we were doing and whether we were gonna vaccinate or not and all these different things. And so I kinda went into my daddy mode and started doing a lot of research and discovered and that was the end of it. You know, I just started learning all these new things about what I wanted to put into my daughter’s body and that started me on this track to become a health practitioner.

And eventually, with some of the continuing education and all the things that come along with becoming a health professional, you learn more things. And for me one of the things I realized where there was a big gap in a lot of the practices that are out there, even in the natural health world, was that…you know, I was listening to a lecture by Dr. Klinghardt in one of my continuing education workshops and he was just talking about how in his practice he doesn’t work with any of his clients or his patients until they’ve gone through this EMF remediation program and they have to perfect the bedroom. And that just really struck me because he talked about how kids with autism don’t get better, people that have all these chronic autoimmune diseases don’t get better unless they fix this EMF problem in their bedroom especially. And so, you know, I kinda went out and I started looking for all these different solutions out there and there was garbage, or things that basically, you know, you don’t know whether they work or not it’s kind of a more subjective thing.

And then I reached out to some other professionals and had them do some assessments for some of my nutrition clients and I wasn’t too satisfied with what they recommended either. Because my idea was that I wanted to have this in ancestral approach where we have to recreate a healing space, like an ancestral healing space in the bedroom and cut out all the modern stressors that we’re exposed to. And so I went on a search and did some further education with GEOVITAL Academy who’s been doing this for 35 years over in Europe. And from that point, I was like, “Okay, I found the people that I really wanna work with and be trained by,” and then I wanna take it to the next level after that. So I feel like kinda that’s what I’ve done since I’ve started my new company and have been doing assessments all over the United States. I did like about 200 last year and I’m on track to do the same thing this year. And it’s amazing the results that I’m seeing with people. I’m just really excited to be in this field and have this opportunity to offer this to families and individuals.

Katie: Yeah, I think this is something that we’re gonna find more and more, it is definitely have increasing importance when it comes to health. But I love if you could kind of give us some background because I think of all the things in the health world, EMFs a tough one for a lot of people to fully wrap their heads around. Only because it is completely invisible and you have sources out there saying, “It’s not ionizing radiation, it’s completely safe, there’s nothing to worry about.” So to establish a baseline, can you kind of talk us through basically how are EMFs impacting our body and at a basic level?

Brian: Yeah. Well, for those who don’t know, EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies or electromagnetic fields. And they are split up into two basic different categories. And there’s non-ionizing radiation, which is like your electric fields, your magnetic fields, radio waves, microwaves, millimeter waves. And then once you get into kind of the visible light spectrum, into the UV light, like the ultraviolet light, and it goes above that, that gets into the ionizing radiation where there’s no dispute over there being some biological effects and that sort of thing. And that the conventional understanding of it and the reason there’s so much controversy is that the conventional wisdom says that, “Okay, yes, ionizing radiation can mutate DNA and change your DNA.” Nobody disputes that so that’s like X-rays, your gamma rays, even UV radiation, you can get burned by the sun, it can damage your DNA.

But I don’t I still don’t tell people to avoid the sun. We know the sun is good for us. And our ancestors, you know, we’re eating a nurti-dense, whole food diet and exposed to sunlight and had, you know, really good health benefits from being out in the sun. There is unnatural ionizing radiation that is obviously bad from nuclear radiation and that sort of thing. So conventional wisdom agrees that all that stuff is bad but they don’t agree that there can be effects from the non-ionizing radiation. And the only way that they believe there can be an effect is if it heats the body. Like in a microwave when you heat your food, if it’s intense enough to heat the body they believe then it can have an impact biologically and they call that thermal effects.

But what many, many studies, thousands of thousands of studies, even though our own government has studied this and shown this, is that you know, many studies show that there are non-thermal, non-ionizing radiation effects on the body. And one way that this happens is by these channels in our cells called voltage-gated calcium ion channels. And the guy who really proved that there are biological negative effects of these electromagnetic frequencies is Dr. Martin Pall. He’s out of Washington State University and he’s a professor out there and he showed that you put people on voltage-gated calcium, or calcium channel blockers, and you can actually block the negative effects of these different electromagnetic frequencies and their impact on the body. And he had one group that was exposed and had the channel blockers and one group that was exposed to the same and didn’t have them. And the group that didn’t have the channel blockers showed that they had much more oxidative stress and damage from this. And you know, you can look up the study, it’s a published peer-reviewed study and it’s called, “Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels.” Look up Dr. Martin Pall, P-A-L-L, and you can find that study and you can see all the different effects that they have.

That’s one way, but the way I like to explain it to people is that if you just think of the way that even electricity impacts the body, you know, how do we restart a heart? We use voltage to do that and that contracts the muscle. And then if you think about any time that you have electrodes on the body you can stimulate involuntary muscle contraction with voltage. So in today’s world, we basically surround our bedroom with this, with voltage on all the walls, with the wires going through the walls, up through the ceiling and through the floor many times if you have upstairs rooms in your house. And you have this constant body voltage that you can measure on the body and that’s stimulating muscle contraction causing this cortisol response. And when your cortisol goes up, your melatonin goes down, and when you’re melatonin goes down you don’t sleep as deeply or get as restful a sleep and your body doesn’t detox at night. And so there’s all kinds of studies that also show you get low melatonin from high EMF exposure from electric fields and magnetic fields and then all the wireless radiation which we can talk about a little more in depth.

Katie: For sure, I definitely go deep on that. I’d love to get super practical too because you actually do assessments in people’s houses. You’ve been to my house actually and done an EMF assessment. So can you walk us through, starting at the beginning, what you’re looking for when you walk into someone’s house and you started assessing, what are the things that you’re measuring and what are you looking for?

Brian: Sure, yeah, well, basically when I first walk up to someone’s house I’m looking at what their house is made of. If it’s made…you know, what kind of siding, what kind of roofing. And then also, you know, just because the materials we make our homes out of can actually be beneficial or not beneficial to blocking frequencies that are coming from outside, from the wireless transmissions, from the radio, television, and cell phone towers that sort of thing, and so I kinda make a note of that when I first look at a house. And then I’m also looking to see if there’s a big transformer anywhere near a house, whether the lines outside are buried or above ground and how big they are, and then I’m also taking measurements going into the house.

And probably the number one thing for like when someone’s buying a house or where the house is located where, you know, you might wanna think about moving is if there’s a field coming from outside the house to the inside of the house that you can’t control. So that would be something like a transformer or huge power lines that are outside that are near the house that are penetrating the home, because that’s impractical to shield against. You know, with magnetic fields you can’t really shield practically against those if you’re close to them, because the best thing to do is to get distance between yourself and the magnetic fields. And then for all the wireless transmissions, you can actually go to this website called and you can look up to see how many cell phone towers and radio towers and television towers are around your home and how close they are and also what frequency they’re transmitting at. And that way you can kinda get a better idea what kinda shielding you can put in place to mitigate that.

But yeah, you know, there’s basically three different types of things I’m testing for when I go into a house. I’m testing for the magnetic fields, and those are just anything with a motor running or has current going through the wire with electrical lines that are high powered. And then also sometimes when you have… if you go into your basement and you check to see if you have metal pipes in your home, and then also look right where the water comes in where you can shut the water main off, there’s a wire. If there’s a wire that’s attached to that pipe it’s very likely that that wire is going to your home’s grounding system and the rest of your neighborhood is the same way. And what that means is that all those pipes are very likely to be energized and they may be producing a magnetic field wherever those pipes are going in the house. So that’s another thing that I test for when I go into people’s homes.

We talked about magnetic fields, then you also have the electric fields and this is a different type of measurement. You measure that with voltage. With magnetic fields, you’re measuring in milligauss or nanotesla. Real quick, I just kinda wanna pause here and say that a lot of people need to…you know, what most people need to understand when I go to someone’s home is that if there’s three different things that I’m measuring for that means there’s three different solutions for each thing that I’m measuring for, because the different types of fields behave differently. And so, you know, the magnetic fields, like I said before, it’s a distance. With wireless, you can actually shield against the wireless radiation and create what they call a Farraday cage and that’s kind of what we do in the bedroom.

And with electric fields, if you put a grounded barrier between you and the electric fields it’s just like you’re out in nature. You’re no longer exposed to the electricity anymore and so it’s not contracting your muscles or causing a stress response any longer. So I’m checking for those three things I’m going through the house finding all the wireless transmissions as well. And then checking the bedrooms, especially, because that’s where I really like to focus in on. That’s where we see the most results is if we can just perfect the bedroom. And then people… we’ve seen in clinical experience that people have been able to handle more of this EMF stress during the daytime.

Katie: Yeah, absolutely, I think that’s a big key, at least in my research as well, is finding that if all you do is mitigate at night, like certainly there’s a lot more you can and should do, but if you just start there it actually makes a bigger difference than just if you sleep a third of your life it makes a bigger difference than just that because our cells, from my understanding, are more susceptible to that damage at night and we have to be more careful, correct?

Brian: Yeah, exactly. I tell people it’s kinda like at night your shields are down you know, you’re supposed to be in this nice restful, parasympathetic state. And that’s, you know, when your body is rested and your guards down, that’s when it feels safe enough to do the repair work and the detoxification work, because detoxification is a parasympathetic rest and digest process. But if you’re not getting that, if you’re surrounded by all these stressors and you’re not getting into that parasympathetic state then your body can never truly go into that deep, restful, healing state that it needs to go in at nighttime. And nighttime is when your brain actually shrinks by like 40%, like all the cells shrink by 40% and creates all this space inside of your brain, and then the melatonin floods the brain it actually flushes out and takes…you know, melatonin is a very potent antioxidant, probably the most potent antioxidant in the human body.

And its job at nighttime is to, yes, act as a sleep hormone, but ibecause it’s potent antioxidant it’s flooding the brain with all this antioxidant material, you know, components it has in it and it’s basically binding all these free radicals in this oxidative stress and then flushing it out the cerebral spinal fluid through this newly discovered thing. Like I think it back in the University of Rochester, like five or six years ago they discovered that the brain has a detox pump called the glymphatic system. And it basically flushes all the oxidative stress out the back of your head into the circulatory system through your liver and kidneys to process. And then there’s also, you know, at nighttime your body is also detoxing all the other organs through the lymphatic system. And that’s been shown with by the work of Dr. Sacha Panden and it correlates very similarly with the old Chinese clock that’s very well known in Chinese medicine. So yeah, nighttime is very, very important and that’s when I see the best results of people, and I can tell you lots of stories on some of those results too.

Katie: Yeah, actually, let’s pause there and talk about that because, like I said, I think it’s hard for a lot of people to grasp just how important this can be. And it is easier when you’ve read books like “The Body Electric” or you understand just how electric our bodies are. But talk about that, talk about some of the tangible changes that you’ve seen in people by just mitigating EMFs.

Brian: Yeah, so there’s a lot of people that…you know, there’s one woman that I did in Pacific Northwest, we shielded her room, it was in Seattle. And the very first night that she slept in that room, you know, she had been having night sweats for like, you know, I don’t even know how long. It was like years like, maybe 5 or 10 years, and then the very first night they just stopped and they haven’t come back since then. And you know, I was just kinda astounded by that when she told me that she said, “It’s definitely because of the shielding that we did in the room that this stopped because I was having a really bad problem with this and it was…my husband didn’t like it.” You know, and so night sweats is something that’s huge that I’ve seen.

There is another woman in the same area that got off of Tylenol PM. She was self-medicating with that, couldn’t sleep, she’d get confused and delirious in the middle of the night if she had to get up and she’d go to the bathroom. That completely stopped when she shielded her room. And then there’s other people that have things like ringing in the ears, tinnitus, and that sort of thing, and that just kind of disappears. You know, there’s buzzing or ringing in the ears. And when you black out all those frequencies that stop stimulating the nervous system and you’re actually able to rest and you stop hearing these things that are going on in your nervous system from it misfiring from the voltage and the different frequencies that are penetrating into your bedroom. So those are just a few examples.

You know, there’s there’s many more, restless leg syndrome, that can go away. And that makes a lot of sense to me as a nutritional therapy practitioner because a lot of people that have restless leg, you know, you immediately as a health professional you think, okay, that has to do with minerals and fatty acids and that sort of thing. And you know, if you’re constantly being stimulated by these voltage-gated calcium channels and it’s causing you to contract your muscles involuntarily. When a muscle contracts, you’re putting calcium into the cells but when you do that you’re also depleting your magnesium stores. So a lot of people with restless leg syndrome have problems with low magnesium or an imbalance of different minerals. And these voltage-gated ion channels, not just calcium, there’s also potassium channels and sodium channels, they can be stimulated and it depletes you of these minerals constantly all night long while you’re sleeping.

Katie: Yeah, absolutely, and I think that’s the easiest way that I think of it is just that basically even though we can’t see them and we may not actively feel them, EMFs are essentially low-level stress that our body has to deal with all the time. And we can comprehend it more easily like if we felt stressed or we had a lot of stressors in our life all the time with no break, how much of an impact that would have on our health. And we know the research there but it’s making that connection mentally I feel really helps understand just how important EMFs are. And I’d also love if you could talk a little bit about how important this is, especially with children, and the differences between children’s bodies and adult bodies when it comes to EMF exposure.

Brian: Oh, yeah, definitely. You know, with my kids, I have three girls, and last summer we actually had built a shielded tiny house, one of those tiny house on wheels, and it’s actually two summers ago. And we were traveling across the country and they slept great going all across the country. And then as soon as we moved out, you know, we had to move the kids out of the tiny house because we needed to finish the inside of it, which we still haven’t done like a year later. But when we moved them out they started having sleep problems again. My kids started grinding their teeth, and they wouldn’t sleep as well, they would have to go the bathroom in the middle the night, that sort of thing. And you know, I attributed it to getting out of the tiny house where we were actually shielded and protected from all these different frequencies. And kids, they’re smaller so they can be more affected by anything really, you know, they have a smaller body and so their skulls are thinner and so the different types of EMF can actually penetrate deeper into their bodies.

But also, especially kids that are at a stage of where they’re like at a slow growth stage where their brain development, you know, their brain’s developing, or infants where they have this brain development that’s going on, these frequencies have been shown to cause a permeable blood-brain barrier in some studies. There’s one study by Dr. Alan Frey, that shows that where he has these rats that he tests and exposes them to radio frequency radiation, which is wireless radiation just like your WiFi router or your cordless phone, that’s sort of thing. And one group of rats was injected…you know, they injected both with this dye. One group had what was exposed to this wireless frequency, the other wasn’t. The one that was exposed to the frequency, within five seconds their blood-brain barrier fluoresced as well as with the rest of the circulatory system. But for the other group, everything except the brain fluoresced and so those blood-brain barriers were intact. And so you think about that in relationship to, you know, the trends we’re seeing with childhood diseases and things like that with, you know…many people are concerned about the vaccines and they’re linked to autism and that sort of thing and I don’t, you know, wanna take a stand on that right now.

But I think that it stands to have some more research when you think about, okay, if there are some adjuvants in these vaccines or there’s a metal load in the body, whether it’s aluminum or thimerosal mercury whatever, If the blood-brain barrier is intact then some kids won’t be affected as much as the kids who don’t have that intact blood-brain barrier. Because these barriers are very important to keep toxins out of organs that are vital to our health, our brains, our guts, you know. The body does everything it can to keep toxins and chemicals out of our bloodstream and out of our brain and our different organs. But the thing that’s so damaging about the EMF is that it’s targeting the barriers that are supposed to prevent us from being exposed to these toxins when we happen to have them injected into us or we consume them through our mouths. But if those barriers are not intact then those sensitive organs are then exposed to this and it can cause damage. So with kids, it’s especially important when they’re building up their good gut flora, when they’re infants, and then also, you know, when they’re in the womb, when you’re pregnant. And that’s a really interesting thing too because the placental barrier is another type of barrier that these EMFs attack.

And there’s one thing that Dr. Klinghardt talks about is that, you know, he had an in-house study in his clinic where he had, I think it was like 10 of his patients, you know, of the kids that had autism and then 10 that didn’t. And he went back and studied the kids that had autism, like the place where the mother slept while she was pregnant with that child. And for the kids that had autism, it was 10 to 20 times more electromagnetic frequencies than the location of the children that didn’t have autism and it was consistent. So he believes that he can predict with nearly 100% accuracy whether a child is gonna have autism or not based on measuring the place where the mother slept when she was pregnant with the child. And so, yes, kids are definitely more impacted by this whether they’re born or unborn, they’re impacted. And so you know, I think it’s vitally important, especially for our children, you know, like at least protect your kids’ bedrooms and get that environment very, very healthy for them.

Katie: Yeah, absolutely, and I’m curious because you’ve done so many home assessments and seen all kinds of different configurations and levels, what do you see as the most common major offenders in most homes?

Brian: As far as things that people can control I would say, you know, a lot of people don’t realize that their Apple TVs are giving off WiFi signal that’s just as strong or stronger than your WiFi router. So there’s that, there’s all the wireless things that are in the home that you might not be aware of. So there’s your WiFi router, and with the WiFi router, a lot of us can remember a time when we didn’t have WiFi and we had everything plugged in. So basically, in order to perfect your house, your internal environment, part of that equation is to go back to that, you know, and start wiring your house. Use the old Ethernet cables, the CAT 7 cables. And then also, you know, if you don’t have that or you don’t have it wired or you think that’d be a pain, there is this device you can get to adapt your coaxial cable. A lot of bedrooms have a little, you know, like the coaxial cable in the room. And you can just connect this little adapter to that to an Ethernet and then you can have your internet connection for your TV or your computer or whatever. And then there’s also adapters you can get for your phones and your iPads and tablets and that sort of thing too. So you can get back to a wired home and not rely on wireless Internet.

And then, you know, there’s all the smart devices, and the reason that a lot of people want WiFi now is because they wanna a smart home with all these different smart devices that are all connected and communicating with each other. And but for our health, I think we just have to move away from all of that. So get rid of the cordless phones, make sure you don’t have…you know, all your appliances don’t have anything smart on them. And if they do, then try to disable it, go into the settings and see if there’s any WiFi settings or call the manufacturer and make sure there’s nothing that’s emitting. But even if you do that, you can’t always trust them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a client call and say, “Oh, I called them and they said that there wasn’t anything emitting.” But then I’m at their house a month later testing and I’m like, “Well, there’s still some signal emitting from this so we need to probably just turn it off, unplug it.” And then in some things, like there’s some wireless speakers that you really need to avoid as well because even if you turn them off…I’ve tried to turn things off and they still are emitting a signal. So that’s kind of a common one too.

Let’s see, as far as other wireless, probably printers. Many of us have printers, we use them very seldomly but we keep them on and most of them are enabled with WiFi so if you can turn that off that will be good. And then about every single home that I do an assessment on we have an electric field issue just by the nature of being surrounded by the electrical wires in the wall. So there are solutions for that too but that’s just a given. But something you can do in the meantime to lower your body voltage is to just keep everything unplugged in the house and that can help. And then with magnetic fields, we just try not to keep fans right next to our heads. And a lot of alarm clocks that I see out there actually have a large magnetic field and they’ll be really close to the bed. And then if you can get people to stop charging their phones in the wall and keep their phone on airplane mode at night, all of these things help too, you know, as a starting point.

And I always say starting point because these are things that you can control in your own house. But about 90% of the homes that I test, you know, you have the bulk of the radiation is actually coming from outside the house, which is something that most people in my profession don’t realize. They think that 90% of that stuff is coming from inside your house. And it’s just something where I’ve measured it, I have a tool that you actually measure the body as an antenna for the wireless radiation transmissions and it tells a whole different story than what people in the United States have been saying for 15, 20 years.

Katie: Yeah, I think it’s gonna be, like I said, a growing thing and a growing awareness hopefully.

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This podcast is sponsored by Joovv- a company pioneering at-home use of red light therapy. This therapy is also called photobiomodulation, this revolutionary therapy uses specific wavelengths of red light to create a biochemical affect in our cells that serves to increase mitochondrial function. Increasing mitochondrial function improves ATP (adenosine (ah-den-o-zine) triphosphate) production in the body. ATP is the source of energy for every cell in the body. Without it, we don’t function at all. It’s super important. Without enough of it, we don’t function well. For this reason, some of the documented benefits of red light therapy include: improved skin health and complexion, increased collagen production, muscle recovery, reduced joint pain and inflammation, reduction of wrinkles (which I love), and better hair growth, faster healing. There is also some evidence that it can benefit the thyroid, which is why it is part of my daily routine. You can learn more and get a free gift with any purchase at with the code wellnessmama

Katie: I feel like, hopefully, people are getting a much more broad understanding of this. I know that you’re out there educating and there’s others as well, and it can seem overwhelming. I know that even for me, this is something I’ve researched a lot, and it can still seem overwhelming. So understanding some of those common sources and, like you said, that a lot of the sources are actually outside of the home. What are some steps that we can take as homeowners to actually start mitigating some of the EMFs we encounter in our homes?

Brian: Yes. So besides the things I mentioned before, you know, all the things that are inside your home you have control over. So you can definitely start with that, you know, getting rid of all the wireless products and unplugging things in your room. There are these little remote switches you can get to have like a key fob on them and it does transmit like a little wireless signal but it’s only when you press the button. And I use that for people that really wanna hold on to their WiFi and most of the homes that I go in, you know, I have a lot of mothers call me and they are concerned about their family, their children. And there’s some dads that are concerned too and they’re gung-ho and on board. But a big theme that I see is a lot of men having issues with getting rid of WiFi and not wanting to budge on some of these things. And so I know there’s probably a lot of women listening to this podcast right now that are laughing, saying, “That’s my husband.”

And you know, but my goal when I do an assessment is to go in and help make the husband the hero and part of the team in figuring out this problem for his family. Because, you know, without everybody on board you’re not gonna be able to do any of these suggestions. And so a big part of getting things done for your family, as far as for your health, is you know, getting over some of these emotional barriers and this need or addiction to this wireless radiation and that sort of thing. And then also just giving people options to, “Okay, well, we can still connect our phones to the internet through these adapters that can get it.” So Ethernet to micro USB or Ethernet to USBC adapter or for the iPhone Ethernet to lightning port, and you can look all these things up Amazon, they have them all on the Amazon.

But beyond that, as far as all the frequencies coming from outside the home, you really need an assessment to know exactly what to do. Because one of the things that I kinda guard against is making generalized recommendations to people. Because if there’s anybody that says they have the one solution to all your EMF problems, they’re lying to you. And the way that I kind of explain this to people is that, you know, you need to be able to block physically…you know, all these electromagnetic frequencies are based on the laws of physics. And we need to use the laws of physics to block these and to recreate this ancestral healing environment in our bedrooms for our kids and for our families and everything. And so in order to do that we have to use those laws of physics.

So in the bedroom, we have a special shielding paint where we repaint the whole room, it’s a carbon graphite, non-toxic, zero-VOC paint. And you paint it all around the room in two layers and then sandwiched between the layers of paint you have this conductive grounding tape that goes all the way around the perimeter of the room, up one wall and then across one length to the ceiling. And then you have an electrician, or a handyman, basically do this little five-minute procedure where you take the outlet out of the wall, you wrap the grounding tape around the ground of the outlet, and then you put that back in and then paint whatever color you want over this black shielding paint and your room can look exactly the way it is but it can be shielded from all the wireless outside. And then because it’s grounded, none of the electricity can reach out from the walls, you basically have a grounded wall where there’s no electricity coming out from it. And then we have other solutions for the flooring.

But I always tell people that you need to have an assessment because there might be a situation where you have a lot of, you know, geopathic stress, which is radiation coming up from the earth that’s excessive that can’t be blocked. And there’s another solution for that as well but the other reason is because there might be a magnetic field from outside the home that’s out of your control. And so I don’t want people to spend like like a couple thousand dollars shielding a bedroom when there’s a problem that can’t be fixed and you can’t get that optimal environment. And so I really want people to feel good about the solutions that they’re putting in and to see results for their house. And in order to do that you really have to try to mimic that ancestral environment and cover all your bases and just get an assessment and get that done and basically get a healing protocol for your home.

Katie: I’m curious your take, because I know a lot of people listening don’t spend 24 hours a day in their homes obviously, and hopefully a lot of us are spending at least some of that time outdoors instead. But for people who are in an office or in a school, is that…obviously, we can’t mitigate an entire school or an entire office building. How big of a concern do you think that is? And I guess, in other words, do you think if we mitigate the home environment and the sleep environment, does that allow us to have more resilience in those environments?

Brian: Yeah, I think that’s exactly what’s been found in a lot of the clinical research that’s been done out there, you know. But I’m always an advocate for reducing things during the daytime as well because we do have an onslaught of that. There are some, you know, supplements that you can take to help your barriers and basically your resilience during the day. You know, if you work with a practitioner to get you on a specific mineral regimen and balance your minerals whether you have somebody who runs HTMA panels or something like that. That’s something that can be really helpful for all children and families, men, women, whatever, you know, get your minerals balanced and get on a good protocol for that. And then also just, you know, handling the oxidative stress. There’s this product called molecular hydrogen that you can get and that helps to mitigate the damaging effects of the EMF by, you know, causing your body to be flooded with antioxidants when you’re exposed to the EMF to kinda block the negative effects of them, and any antioxidant will really do that

But yeah, during the day, you know, one of the things that I have people do is…you know, I actually consulted with this company to create this EMF-free lamp that they use in a sauna. But they have a daytime product that you can actually put on your desk and it will shine red light in your face. And the red light therapy causes photobiomodulation, which will actually repair DNA damage. And DNA damage is exactly what the different types of EMF are doing to the body. And so the product is perfectly shielded and it also has a grounding port in it and I have people use that to ground their desk, especially if they have a standing desk or some kind of metal on their desk they can use that. And then it can go it attach into grounding pads where you can ground your electronics. And any time you use grounding equipment, you don’t be in contact with the ground of the equipment, you want the equipment to be grounded and that way it reduces the electric fields that are coming on your body.

A lot of people make the mistake with grounding equipment of actually standing on the grounded pad or the grounding sheet or whatever when you’re surrounded by electricity. If you take that analogy to the extreme and you picture like a low-hanging live wire, like an electrical wire, a high-voltage wire, and you go up to that and you grab it when you’re grounded, you get electrocuted. And so all of that current goes through your body to the ground. The same thing happens on a much lower level when you’re on a grounding mat or grounding sheet or a grounding pad and you’re surrounded by electricity. You can test your body voltage, it goes down to zero, but you now have current going through your body and all of the electric fields are attracted to the ground.

So because they’re attracted to the ground it’s better to use the grounding materials, the grounding products as a barrier, not something you actually touch until you’ve eliminated all of the electric fields around you and mimic nature then you can ground and it can be a healthy thing. Which is what we really try to do in the bedroom is to get your body voltage all the way down to as close to zero as possible. I like to see below 10 millivolts or below 30 volts per meter on the geovital meter that I use. And then bring in your grounding product that is grounded into a stake in the ground in a healthy location outside. Because there is some areas that have ground current outside so you have to test where you put your stake to get it in the right spot.

Katie: Got it. And I know another question I get a lot is what kind of meters to use and what you’re measuring. And I know that, obviously, the best case scenario is to actually work with an expert like you. But since you can’t be everywhere at once and can all work with you, are there any basic you can kind of give us for what meters might actually give you an accurate gauge of EMFs and what to look for?

Brian: Yeah, it’s kinda hard to give you one meter especially that’s…you know, it would be ideal if there was one meter out there that could measure the three things pretty accurately. There is one that I believe does an okay job and it’s called the ENV RD-10 and it’s a little handheld meter, I think it’s about $170, but it measures three different types of EMF. It measures radio frequency and it measures electric fields and it measures magnetic fields. And I think for magnetic fields it can give you a really good idea of what’s going on in your house and what the sources are and getting to move different objects away from you. Or realizing if there’s a fridge on the other side of a bedroom that’s producing a magnetic field or something like that. So it’s really good for magnetic fields, it’s good for radio frequency for finding the wireless inside the house. But the setting isn’t nearly sensitive enough to detect the stuff that’s coming in from outside. So it’s the way that it’s, you know, calibrated is something so that it can detect like wireless transmissions from wireless and Bluetooth and different things inside the house.

And then for the electric fields, with that meter, it’s pretty accurate. But in order to be super accurate, you have actually have to touch the bottom of the meter to the ground in order to basically to get an accurate reading. Because if you’re in a high-voltage environment and you’re testing the difference between where the meter is and what you’re testing then it’s not gonna give you much of a difference and it’s going to actually kinda give you a false reading. So you know, I’d say it’s good if you wanna start exploring things to start addressing some of these things that’s the probably the best meter to get. If you wanna measure your smart meter, it’s probably not very good you need to get more of the Cornet ED88T Plus. That one has a graph on it where you can definitely see a lot better what’s going on with your smart meter and how often it’s pinging and sending out a signal.

And then the other thing I’d recommend is a body voltage meter, which you can get in any hardware store, just it’s called a multimeter. And you have it set on the voltage setting and then plug it to the ground of your wall, follow the instructions on how to do that, there’s some videos on YouTube that show that. And then just take your body voltage in your bed and see what’s going on and start unplugging things, experiment with that. And then if you can get all those different meters and measure these things, it’s gonna make your home assessment, when you have a professional come in to finalize and perfect your sleeping situation, its gonna make it a lot easier for them to do that and, you know, basically recreate that ancestral healing environment in your bedroom.

Katie: Got it. So I cannot believe how fast time has flown and I think we might end up with a lot of follow-up questions and I might have you on for around two one day.

Brian: Sure.

Katie: But one question I love to ask towards the end that doesn’t have to be related to EMFs or your area of expertise, but I’m curious if there is a book that has had a really big impact on your life that you would recommend to others?

Brian: Yeah, so you know, I’ve read and listened to a lot of books. So it’s hard to choose because I’m so interested in finding the truth in so many different topics, you know, being a dad and a health practitioner. And seems like every year I kinda get interested in a new field but I’ve got a list of like five different books here. And you know, one that I really like just for general life is the old classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I think that’s really good for, you know, just knowing how to interact with people and be nice and play nice with them. And you know, I use that with the kids a lot, helps a lot with them, and helps with doing anything in life with business or family, whatever.

Another book that I highly recommend for health is one from my NTP training called “Signs and Symptoms from a Functional Perspective” by Dicken Weatherby. Just has this questionnaire in there and all of these answers to health questions and symptoms and things like that. I think that’s like a really good book to kinda get an idea for what’s going on with your kids, especially like when they give you different symptoms, different things that they’re dealing with, and kinda finding the root cause nutritionally of going on with them.

And then I guess as far as like EMF and everything, I think that there’s a lot of really good research out there on EMF. And one of the books that I really enjoyed reading was called “Overpowered” by Dr. Martin Blank. And he just kinda goes through all this epidemiological evidence throughout the years of the damage that EMF causes. And he actually proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that non-ionizing, non-thermal radiation does cause DNA damage actually.

Katie: Those are all great recommendations. I will make sure those are linked in the show note and that people can find them and all that is that But also, Brian, I know that people may be interested in learning more from you and staying in touch with you. And like I said, you were the one I trusted to do an EMF assessment of our home. So where can people find you online to learn more?

Brian: Yeah, my business name is Shielded Healing and so if you go to you can find me there. And then I also do a lot of stuff on Facebook. So if you go to I’m there as well and you can find me there.

Katie: Perfect. Well, Brian, thank you, so much for the time. Like I said, I think EMFs are a topic of growing importance and something we all need to be aware of in today’s world. And I really appreciate the work you’re doing to help educate and raise awareness so thank you so much.

Brian: You’re welcome.

Katie: And thanks to all of you for listening and I hope to see you again next time on “The Wellness Mama” podcast.

If you’re enjoying these interviews, would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on iTunes for me? Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families could benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time, and thanks as always for listening.

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