Ancient Spices for Fat-Burning and Weight Loss

Sometimes “getting healthy” seems complicated. Conflicting advice to sort through, new recipes to learn, special ingredients to buy—and the list can go on. But some health hacks have been around for ages … and are probably already in our kitchens!

Have some cinnamon around? Or some cayenne pepper? These ancient spices can turn simple food (or drink) into a flavorful, fat-burning treat.

Get Skinny (and Healthy!) with Ancient Spices

I’m not a fancy cook, but I never skip a chance to use herbs and spices in my kitchen, both for the amazing flavor and proven health benefits. It’s an addictive way to cook!

My guest Nagina Abdullah swears by spices as well. After years of struggling to lose weight and feeling just plain feeling crummy, Nagina thought about what she could add to her diet rather than take away. She especially started adding spices known for their anti-inflammatory and metabolism-boosting power … and everything changed.

Soon, she was melting off the pounds, and enjoying her food more! In fact, this mother of 2 lost 40 pounds with her new take on ancient spices.

Nagina’s Natural Recipe for Burning Fat … Fast!

Inspired, Nagina created, a blog and weight-loss coaching program now featured on, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and Fox News. Because she herself worked 60+ hours a week, she designed the system to fit the lifestyle of busy moms, professionals, and entrepreneurs. (Basically, people who don’t have time to mess around!)

There are many weight loss systems I wouldn’t endorse, but her concept of a real food diet + a pinch of spice rings true. It’s attainable for everyone and helps us eat the way nature intended.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Nagina’s own story of weight struggles, especially after kids
  • The 3 key fat-burning “Skinny Spices” in Nagina’s weight loss system
  • How to reduce urges for unhealthy quick fixes like sugar, alcohol, and caffeine
  • Unique health benefits of common spices and ways to use them
  • Out-of-the-box breakfast ideas to get morning metabolism going
  • What to add to your morning coffee for a health boost (and no, it’s not bulletproof coffee!)
  • Simple ways to up your intake of spices and herbs (without learning all new recipes)
  • Substitute spices to try if you don’t like spice/heat
  • Nagina’s gift to Wellness Mama readers: 3 recipes using spices to beat late-night sugar cravings!

Resources We Mention

Don’t forget to visit for Nagina’s free gift to Wellness Mama readers!

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