YSL’s Volupte Rock ‘n Shine in Orange Speaker Is Bright and Shimmery: Review

I don’t typically go for orangey lipstick shades but YSL Volupte Rock ‘n Shine in Orange Speaker has me totally changing my mind. That statement probably doesn’t come as a surprise, since we just gave this lovely orange-red shade a 2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award. 

Orange Speaker is bright, but not super loud, if that makes sense. It gives me out-of-office vibes and the bullet itself smells like a delicious mango, so it’s really a whole experience. The glittery star core, arguably the main attraction of the lipstick, disperses a wash of shimmer across my lips that looks stunning both in-person and on-camera. Any way you look at it, this lipstick is a work of art (see proof below).

Sarah Han/Allure

Generally speaking, I’m a fan of lipsticks that have opaque pigmentation (no “barely there” formulas, please), comfortable wear, and hydrating formulas that don’t make my lips look drier than they already are. YSL Volupte Rock ‘n Shine does just that, and it does it well. I love that it’s a buildable cream formula that applies incredibly smoothly, so you can go easy with one layer or build it up for more intensity. I personally like applying two or more layers for even more pizzazz and shimmer. And I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to put on lip balm prior, since the formula (which includes shea butter and apricot kernel oil) is so buttery and hydrating. 

It’s not transfer-proof by any means, but I’m content with this trade-off if it means I can wear my lipstick all day without noticing any tightness or texture. In fact, my lips look smoother and shinier than ever. I’m no stranger to leaving a constant trail of lipstick on cups and utensils everywhere I go, but now that I’m at home basically 24/7, no one is around to witness those lip marks. And besides, when I do venture out into the real world, wearing any makeup in the mask region (and having it smear everywhere) doesn’t make sense to me.

Despite spending 99 percent of my time hunkered down indoors, I still consider lipsticks as essential as they were pre-pandemic. A bright lip gets me revved up when I’m feeling down, overwhelmed, or just plain apathetic. I don’t even need base makeup; as soon as I slap on a lipstick, I feel transformed. YSL Volupte Rock ‘n Shine in Orange Speaker is the perfect way to switch up the new normal of no-makeup days and has been quite literally a bright spot in an otherwise shitshow of a year. 

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