Virgo Horoscope September 2020 — Love and Career Predictions

Read what your sign’s 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Virgo personality profile. 

Welcome to September, Virgo! Your season began last month, and you found creative ways to celebrate and see friends during COVID-19. September kicks off with a full moon in psychic Pisces on Tuesday, September 1. You’re a grounded earth sign, Virgo, and can be wary of mysticism. However, the combination of Pisces’ ethereal nature and your deep roots can produce profound insights, such as ways you need to evolve in romantic relationships, ideas for creative projects, or a realization that a friendship is no longer serving you. Keep a journal with you on this day to jot down thoughts that arise. Doing so will help you process them, while providing a place of reference as you make changes in your life. 

Warrior planet Mars goes retrograde from Wednesday, September 9, to Friday, November 13. You’re a tidy person, Virgo, but that doesn’t just mean that your closets are well-organized. You were likely also taught to hide away your messy emotions and present a collected front to the world. Mars is all about anger, aggression, and passion. While the retrograde can make these areas of life more difficult, it can also force you to confront chaotic emotions you usually keep tucked away. This is healing, but challenging, so consider working with an online therapist (if it’s in your budget), trying meditation, or taking up journaling.

Give yourself a night of self-care during the new moon in your sign on Thursday, September 17. New moons correspond with fresh starts, so this is the perfect night to release the tension build up over the month. Don’t forget to masturbate

We say goodbye to your season and welcome in Libra, the sign of balance, partnerships, and justice, on Tuesday, September 22. This day is also the fall equinox, which has you thinking about the forthcoming winter and how to prepare. From dealing with the pandemic to protesting police brutality to facing a presidential election, these are energetically charged times. You’re the healer of the zodiac, and Libra season reminds you of the importance of giving to others. Whether that means bumping up your monthly charitable donations or giving space to other people you admire on your social media page, find action that is right for you. 

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