Urban Decay Launches Naked Ultraviolet Eye Shadow Palette — See Photo

If you’re a Naked fan who’s still a little intimidated by colorful shadows, you’ll be delighted to know that Urban Decay has kept Ultraviolet’s formulas very similar to Naked Palettes of the past. “The thing that stays the same with the Naked Palettes is that you get this really nice mix of satin, matte, shimmer, and often sparkle shades,” Zomnir explains. “The hallmark of a Naked Palette is the textures that all work together in a variety of ways.”

In other words — this palette might look really out there at first glance, but you can still use it to create any type of look you like. Besides, as Zomnir puts it, the purple shades aren’t really even what makes this palette stand out from the rest. Instead, it’s the addition of the shade Lucid, an iridescent green topper shade you’ll have no trouble spotting in the crowd.

Zomnir likes to use Lucid on top of the palette’s deeper purple shades in the middle of the eyelids and the inner corners. “You know how gasoline has that rainbow sheen on the top of it — it’s almost holographic” she says. “It’s that kind of idea you can create using this luminous green shade.”

At the end of the day, the brand just wants to make you think about what “neutral” makeup really is and how you can challenge yourself to step outside your makeup habits. “The cool thing about [Naked Palettes] is you can create these really soft, dreamy, beautiful daytime looks with it, then you can go darker, smokier,” Zomnir says. “The nice thing about the purples is you have this ability to get really creative as well — even if your primary go-to wouldn’t be a purple palette, jump in and have some fun experimenting.”

The Naked Ultraviolet Eye Shadow Palette, $49, is available now.

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