The Best Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine — Dermatologist Advice

“This study checks out,” says Finney. “Given its ability to help the skin barrier and seal moisture in, it’s great for those with sensitive skin and eczema.” A pro tip from Finney is to apply any other skin care you may want first, and then seal it all in with coconut oil.

If you’re looking for a more legit treatment option for eczema, definitely consult your dermatologist, as they’re the experts and know your skin best, and therefore, can help able to help determine what medication will be right for you.

3. Makeup remover

“Coconut oil is a great makeup remover because it breaks down lipid-soluble impurities like makeup, as well as sebum, which is responsible for oily skin,” says Park. “If you wear a lot of makeup or have more of an oily skin type, you can use coconut oil as an initial cleanse, but then you have to follow that up with a gentle water-based wash for a more complete cleanse after.”

Finney agrees, telling Allure, “Coconut oil can actually do a fairly good job at getting rid of dirt and oil buildup that occurs throughout the day, but it often leaves an oily residue behind which can lead to breakouts, so if you have acne-prone skin and still want to try this method, just make sure to use a gentle cleanser afterward to remove excess oil.”

4. Deep conditioner

Struggling with dry, brittle hair that’s damaged and prone to breakage? Try using coconut oil as a leave-in treatment, suggests Finney. “Coconut oil can be a great thing to either condition with or leave in to help repair the damage that occurs to your hair shafts from coloring, heat, and the sun,” he explains.

You can even use hot coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment to soothe dry hair before you shampoo and condition. Leave it in for at least an hour to let it really really sink in and penetrate your strands.

5. Body scrub

If your limbs are looking dull — and feeling like sandpaper — you can use coconut oil to whip up your own DIY body scrub to exfoliate with for brighter and softer skin. “There is no harm to it, and the coconut oil may actually help counteract the irritation from exfoliation,” says Finney, who adds that this could be an ideal option for someone with sensitive skin to test out exfoliation. He recommends doing it no more than once a week to start, though, to ensure your skin can handle it.

6. Brush cleaner

You can use coconut oil as the first step in a double cleansing routine for your makeup brushes. Cosmetic chemist Perry Romanowski recommends first applying coconut oil to your brushes to break down the makeup, and then dabbing them off to remove any excess oil before rinsing them with soap and water. The reason for this? “Combining soap and oil just ties up the surfactant in the detergent solution and it competes with the other ‘dirt’ on the makeup brush, so it wouldn’t get the brushes as clean if you combine them.”

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