The Best Glitter Eye and Lip Makeup of 2020 — Reviews

Makeup comes in a wide variety of finishes: matte, dewy, satin, glossy, shimmer — the list goes on. But none are quite so fun as glitter, shimmer’s extra-twinkly and especially conspicuous cousin. And where it was once something you might save for a special or highly specific occasion (is roller disco still a thing?), the influence of shows like Euphoria has helped make glitter a welcome aspect of an everyday makeup look.

The eyelids are typically the go-to feature for wearing glitter, and the options are practically endless. Superfine, eco-friendly particles are served up loose, in pressed palettes, in precise liners, and in fallout-free liquid eye shadow formulas that require virtually no skill to apply. But lips can have lots of fun with glitter, too, thanks, not only to, holographic lipsticks but also multitasking products that can be used pretty much anywhere you have skin (or hair, for that matter — don’t ignore your eyebrows).

We’ve rounded up the most irresistible glitter makeup on the market, and whether you’re looking to create the boldest makeup masterpiece possible or just find a way to incorporate some subtle sparkle into an otherwise neutral look, you’ll find what you need right here.

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