The 12 Best BB Creams of 2020, Reviewed

BB creams (short for beauty or blemish balms) are basically what would happen if foundation and skin care had a baby. In addition to hydrating and evening-out skin tones, BB creams also treat your skin with antioxidants and other hydrating, brightening, blemish-eviscerating, and fine line-filling ingredients; plus they usually offer broad-spectrum SPF (crucial). There’s a reason their monstrous popularity put K-beauty on the map once word got out about their popularity in Korea.

When you want to look like you actually drink eight glasses of water a day, BB creams give you even-toned and plump-looking skin with the same ease of smearing on a tinted moisturizer with your bare hands. BB creams offer all the benefits of a light-to-medium foundation (and sometimes fuller-coverage as well) in a speedier formula that also protects you from the elements. They do double duty to work skin care into your makeup routine so you can more efficiently do both — how clever. 

Here are a variety of the best BB creams for any skin type, from drugstore to luxury.

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