Tatcha The Essence Instantly Plumps Tired, Stressed Skin: Review

Some might ask, “Is an essence really necessary?” To that I say, to each their own. But personally, I’ve deemed essences as a non-negotiable step in my skin-care routine. Yes, I do see them as a “treat,” but one that boasts so many skin-care benefits, including helping your subsequent, actives-infused serums and creams absorb better. 

My all-time favorite essence is none other than Tatcha’s The Essence. And I’m clearly not alone in my praise, because Allure just stamped a 2020 Best of Beauty seal on this plumping and softening product.

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Cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson previously gave Allure the low-down on essences, which “hydrate [skin] without the waxes and emollients that make creams and lotions thick, so they don’t clog pores or feel greasy or heavy.” While she was speaking to all essences, it rings especially true for Tatcha’s formula. As soon as you pour The Essence into your hands, you immediately notice how lightweight and barely-there it feels. But don’t be fooled: It’s loaded up with hydrating ingredients, like a special concentrate of green tea, rice, and algae, as well as glycerin

In other words, it’s my skin’s favorite concoction.

The Essence also contains yeast, of which the fermentation process naturally produces lactic acid that speeds up skin-cell turnover and renewal for overall smoother skin, as Ranella Hirsch, a board-certified dermatologist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, previously explained to Allure. No wonder it leaves my skin looking like it took a page straight out of the glass-skin handbook, and it feels extra-soft to the touch.

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