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Over the past two months, K-pop supergroup SuperM has been dropping new music videos leading to the release of their first album, Super One, on September 25. In “100,” “Tiger Inside,” and the title track, “One (Monster & Infinity),” there’s a beauty detail so subtle you probably missed it. That is, unless you were looking your favorite members in the eyes, because Taeyong, Ten, and Kai were wearing mismatched color contacts at different points in each. 

Wearing contrasting contacts has become a trend among K-pop stars over the past year or so. In November 2019, a couple of members of EXO, including Kai, even experimented with white and blue lenses for Obsession. GOT7’s JB tried it out with a blue contact and a red one for Allure‘s digital cover shoot earlier this year. However, wearing two different colors of contact lenses was more than just a fun choice to include in SuperM’s music videos. 

Kai in “One (Infinity & Monster)” 


During a roundtable with journalists on September 22, the seven members of SuperM shared the deeper meaning behind the contact selection over Zoom from a conference room in Seoul, South Korea.

“For the title track, it’s the hybrid track for ‘Infinity’ and ‘Monster,’ and we wanted to show that visually with our stylings,” Baekhyun explained to Allure. “So what we did is the odd eye concept to show how these two songs are coming together.” And if you want to take it to another level, they can also reflect how SuperM joins members of beloved groups EXO, SHINee, NCT, and WayV. 

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