Sonia G. Brushes Restock for August 2020

Sonia G. has a large restock of both The Fundamental Set and The Sky Eye Set, along with several individual brushes, which goes live August 25th at 10AM PT.  I thought in the spirit of the restock, I’d do a check-in and share which brushes I use the most from the ones coming back in stock today.  I’m personally going to purchase another Flat Definer and Classic Crease.

  • The Walnut Brush Holder
  • The Fundamental Set
  • The Sky Eye Set
  • Smudger Two
  • Builder One
  • Builder Two
  • Worker One
  • Sculpt One
  • Sculpt Two
  • Sculpt Four
  • Face Two
  • Flat Definer
  • Mini Booster
  • Soft Shader
  • Classic Crease
  • Jumbo Blender

From the above, these are the eye brushes I reach for the most or have purchased more of!

  • Builder Two — I use this more for applying product to the lower lash line, inner lid, or brow bone.  I have two or three of them, but I tend to use Builder Three more often these days.
  • Face Two — This has become my go-to brush for applying color to my cheeks.  It works like a buffing (or kabuki) brush for depositing good coverage and diffusing in circular motions.  If you tend to sweep or pull your brush for cheek color application, you may find this brush is too dense.
  • Mini Booster — I love this brush for depositing rich color into the crease.  If you like a really blown out crease, this is too precise and too dense, but if you want opacity and intensity in the crease, this is the one.  It works well for those who tend to put something in the deepest part of the crease and then gradually work and fade outward using a crease and/or transition shade.
  • Sculpt Two — It’s the right density, size, shape, and flexibility for a multi-tasking fan brush, and I reach for this most of the time if I’m looking for a fan-shaped brush. If I need something more detailed, I reach for Sculpt Three.
  • Soft Shader — I purchased another one of these during the last restock.  I really enjoy using it for depositing color onto the lid or into the deeper crease and diffusing above it slightly.  It also works well to pat and sweep thicker shimmery eyeshadows onto the brow bone.
  • Worker One — It’s a denser, slightly larger eye brush that works well for blending and diffusing stubborn eyeshadows, applying color to the inner tearduct (especially for a more diffused effect), or for brow bone application.  I tend to reach for Worker Three when I want a smaller brush.

Other brushes I’ve purchased additional units of:  Crease One, Crease Two, Builder Three, Pencil One, Smudger One, Worker Three.

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