Seed Phytonutrients Is Launching Four New Hair-Care Lines at Sephora

Each of the four collections contains a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment (the last comes in a variety of formulations ranging from a texture mist to a smoothing cream). “When it came to the products, what our consumers were saying was that they were struggling to find something that was high performance but also clean and natural,” adds Brad Farrell, Seed Phytonutrients’ lead brand farmhand (for those wondering — yes, that’s his official title). “For us, it was about figuring what we already did really strongly — our Daily Hair Cleanser was our number one product — but making it specified for different customer needs.”

And in keeping with the brand’s MO, the philosophy behind the launches was that no matter the hair concern, there’s an organic seed oil that can help address it: The hero ingredient of the Moisture range is organic meadowfoam seed oil (“one of the most hydrating seed oils,” according to Farrell), whereas organic raspberry seed (a natural antioxidant) and grapefruit oil make their way into the Color and Volume ranges, respectively. 

Organic jojoba and coconut oil from the Anti-Frizz range act as a natural alternative to silicones. The products have been formulated to suit a wide variety of hair types, with Farrell name-checking the Moisture range as the most versatile for textures ranging from kinky to straight.

Back to the packaging for a sec: Made in collaboration with Ecologic, the brand is taking its innovative, shower-safe paper bottles to a greener level using an impressive 70 percent less plastic than conventional designs

“By moving into this packaging, it was a disruption — and something that many people were experiencing for the first time,” Wolf says of the I-can’t-believe-it-doesn’t-disintegrate material. “We were passionate about further improvement, and we will never stop pushing ourselves until we can ultimately eradicate plastics from the industry altogether.” The brand has also been working closely with TerraCycle, a company specializing in hard-to-recycle materials, to ensure that elements like bottle pumps are also recyclable.

Courtesy of Seed Phytonutrients

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