Rahua Classic Shampoo Works Wonders on My Dry, Sensitive Scalp: Review

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Let me start by saying that Rahua Classic Shampoo is totally vegan and feels super luxe, which is a holy grail combination that’s easy to find in skin-care products but still pretty hard to find in shampoos. The first time I used it I was hooked on the scent. It has the nicest, most delicate fragrance that’s light but warm and just a little herbaceous. It reminds me of a cozy cup of tea, which is such a nice way to start the day (I’d much rather smell this in the morning than an in-your-face fruity shampoo).

The formula is sulfate-free and you have to use a little elbow grease to get it to foam, but it does foam, albeit gently. And I recently learned that foaming is a mind-trick anyway — “the lather is never what cleans your hair,” says cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson. It explains why this formula got my hair nice and clean.

As I said, it’s vegan and a lot of the ingredients are organic. The ingredient list actually looks more like the one you’d find on a serum than a shampoo. It’s got green tea extract, which is antioxidant, as well as ingredients like aloe and vitamin E that soothe your skin — and scalp. It could explain why my scalp was noticeably different after I switched to this shampoo. I was getting a lot of redness along my hairline and having some sporadic scalp itchiness and tightness, but both went away after a few shampoos and haven’t returned since.

But hands down my favorite part about this shampoo is how it made my hair feel. It wasn’t just clean. It was soft, soft, soft. Like the kind of soft where you almost can’t believe it’s the same hair you had yesterday. I have fine hair, and normally when a shampoo makes it feel really soft it looks a little fuzzy, but with this shampoo, it looked smooth and just felt super healthy — and isn’t that what everyone wants from a shampoo? For all these reasons and more, we thought giving one our 2019 Best of Beauty Awards was a no-brainer.

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