Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice… 29 Autumnal Eyeshadow Looks to Try (Part 1 of 2)

I don’t know how I managed to come up with 58 different color combinations for autumn, but I did… I got carried away, obviously! 😁 I split them into two posts so that each post is a little more digestible. Happy fall!

About This Series

Each look idea is centered around a “quad” of four shades with the expectation that one might bring in the appropriate brow bone or additional transitional shade based on skin tone. I know that I tend to use more like five or six shades in a typical look, but I think that four is a happy medium to give a good idea of the “core” color scheme of a look while giving you the ability to lighten/darken as desired. I have listed the colors in this order: inner lid, middle of lid, outer lid/crease, and crease/above crease for how I would wear them.

You might see combinations that seem slightly repeated but placement will vary (e.g. a halo placement where the lightest and more shimmery shade is placed on the center) as placement can also create a different effect/look! You might also want to consider incorporating your favorite matte/shimmer shades (as applicable) to increase the versatility of certain palettes. Consider these ideas a jumping off point!

Create a Color Story

Feeling inspired? Share your own color story using this palette or create a color story from scratch.

Paris, Blaze, Caramel, Peach Crush

Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction

VR Fire Opal, Blitz Flame, Disobedient, Xtreme Aubergine

Natasha Denona Metropolis

Helena (275K), Claret (274M), Ripe (253CM), Stain (254CP)

Desert Sun, Antique Coin, Beyond, Harvest

Blood Moon 005, Jubilee, Wicked Envy, Xtreme Dusk

Blushed, Midnight Gold, Chocolate Bar, Mom Ride

Sol, Toadstool, Caribou, Elixir

Blaze, Laura’s Memory, Orange Slush, Pipers Piping

Glam (328M), Glam (329M), Glam (333M), Glam (325CM)

Morning Star, Hot Stuff, Princess Pay Pay, Plummet

Firewood, Karat, Poinsettia, Wormwood

Fool’s Gold, Amber, Vanguard, Beyond

24K, Bold Rush, Nugget About It, Big Brooch

Bliss (317DC), High Degree (311M), Magma (310CM), Sundown (307CM)

Secret, Fire Catcher, Solomon, Adore Me

Buillion (GPV2 #12), Olive (Dark Matte #12), Sienna (Dark Matte #3), Toffee (Dark Matte #1)

Wildfire, Midnight Sun, Merlot, Wildberry

Recruit, Tiara, Frosted Morning, Enjoy the Ride

Awakening, Phlox, Clove, Morgan

Deep Desire, Commission, Pear Tree, Plummet

Not OK, TTYN, Ms. Brightside, Pink Slip

Levy, Dazzle, Desert Sun, General

Tardy, Not OK, Bad Guy, Pass It On

Peace, Commission, Amber, Chocolate Bar

Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction

VR Fire Opal, Rose Gold 005, Entrapment, Xtreme Aubergine

True Bronze (314K), Silk (318M), Palladium (316M), Magma (310CM)

The Greatest Gift, Red Chameleon, Slayed, Midnight

Natasha Denona Metropolis

Orium (251DC), Rust (249M), Troop (250CP), Royal (266CP)

Somber, Abyss, Dusk, Indiana Love

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