Patrick Starrr’s One/Size Go Off Mist Is the Ultimate Makeup Remover — Review

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Sometimes, the thought of taking makeup off at the end of the day is enough to prevent me from putting it on in the first place. I love nothing more than big, fluttery lashes or a bold, smudge-proof lip look — but taking them off can frankly be more hassle than I really have the energy for. Most makeup wipes leave my skin feeling irritated, and balms, albeit affective, can leave an oily film on my skin that’s hard to wash away. Enter my new favorite way to remove makeup: spraying it off.

This month, influencer Patrick Starrr debuted his own beauty brand, One/Size, with a makeup dissolving mist called Go Off. When Starrr informed me and a group of other editors of this during a virtual event, my knee-jerk reaction was “eh, OK.” Sprayable makeup removers like this aren’t exactly common, and the thought of oils flying toward my face just didn’t seem comfortable. But then, in front of all of us, he sprayed his own full-coverage beat — lashes, contour, matte lipstick and all — with Go Off, and the makeup instantly started to stream down his face, melting like the Wicked Witch of the West. With a couple of swipes from a makeup wipe, everything was gone, at which point I knew I was sold — then I started using it myself.

One/Size Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist, $24 (Shop Now)

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