Model Precious Lee on the Healing Power of Makeup – Interview

ALLURE: Self-care is huge, especially right now. What do you do to take care of yourself?

PL: It’s very stressful times as a Black woman dealing with seeing horrors play out and just wanting to put out good energy. It’s been really important for me to stay centered and grounded. I love essential oils. I do meditation. I do breathwork. I’ve been working out and I have access to a private sauna. I do a lot of deep breathing there. 

We all have so much energy that is circulating. It’s just really important to not just say, “Oh, tap in with yourself and be with yourself.” No — make a routine and spend time with yourself because people think that’s the same thing as just being alone and it’s not. 

I’m a really spiritual person. I always enjoy the different modalities I have access to, to get into my body, to remind myself that I’m here having a human experience, and just taking care of my energy before I can go out and present or exchange energy with others. We all have to be more accountable for that right now in this climate. Do that — how ever it looks to you, whether it’s crystals, singing, playing the harp, reading, writing, or looking at old cartoons you used to like when you were a kid. What makes you happy? What exactly is it that is compelling you forward? Whoever you are, it’s important for you to take the time to figure that out with yourself every day, and make it a discipline. It’s spiritual hygiene and I’ve just been making sure I stay in tune with that.

ALLURE: Oh, I love that term. Spiritual hygiene, definitely going to bookmark that because I need to keep mine up. 

PL: I actually did a cleanse and it really reminded me of how important it is to know what your body needs and to give your body an opportunity to process, not just food, but different things that we’re going through. 

ALLURE: I love snooping around in people’s makeup bags — with permission, of course. If there was anyone’s makeup collection that you could snoop through, whose would it be?

PL: I really am going to have to say Beyoncé, my fellow Virgo. She does the supple, effortless, magically contoured, beautiful, natural inside-out beauty flow that I want to know exactly what she uses. What is this eye cream? What is it that you got going on? I feel like she has tricks and treats and stuff that, as a Virgo, I could really appreciate. 

And she, also, is a southern girl. Her mother had a hair salon — I grew up in the hair salon. Beyoncé being a southern woman, I feel like it’s also super cool to know how she [gets so]  glowy, natural, and dewy.

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