Maybelline New York Launches Global Mental Health and Education Initiative

Despite the lasting stigma surrounding mental health issues, we need to be addressing and seeking treatment for them — now more than ever. Due to self-isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic, adults have reported significantly worse mental health conditions than average, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in June. Essential workers, unpaid caregivers, minorities, and young adults experienced this disproportionately and have reported increased substance use and suicidal ideation, the same study concludes. In an effort to confront these mental health issues and defeat the stigma surrounding them, Maybelline New York is launching a global philanthropy initiative called Maybelline Brave Together.

The initiative, which goes into effect on September 25, will support better mental health by several means. The first is that Maybelline has pledged to donate $10 million throughout the next five years to global and local mental health organizations. Some of those, according to the brand, include Crises Text Line, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and The JED Foundation.

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