Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes’s Tip for Easy Winged Liner

When it comes to eye makeup tips, Katie Jane Hughes has no shortage, and luckily, she’s all about the sharing-is-caring mentality. Most recently, the Brooklyn-based makeup artist revealed a shockingly simple trick for mastering winged eyeliner, and get this: All you need is your go-to liner, a mirror, and some good old fashioned time. Like, at least 10 to 15 minutes, folks.

Over the weekend, the British beauty creator revealed her eyeliner tip on Instagram via a short video clip with a cut-and-dry caption that reads, “LINER TIP: Try doing your liner in tiny little bits. @surratt liner.”

Being the unapologetically nosy beauty journalists that we are, we had to know more about Hughes’ process and how the hack actually works, so we quickly DM’ed her for details. You know, as one does in 2020 during the middle of a pandemic.

Soon, we had answers. In a voice note sent to Allure, Hughes spells out her advice using a simple-but-powerful analogy:

“It’s kind of like building bricks for a house. You don’t just take one massive big block and create one whole thing out of it — I mean, if you can, that’s fine, but by building the bricks and doing it bit by bit, you’re in control of each little step that you do and therefore can easily backtrack or easily add a bit more. It’s about adding a bit at a time because it’s easier to keep adding than it is to take a lot of it away.”

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