Lorac Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Pro Eye Shadow Palettes | Review

In other words, these shadows are soft enough to have serious pigment and blend-ability, but not so soft that they crumble and leave fallout all over your face. And having a formula that perfectly rides that fine line creates a much easier makeup experience — there’s a reason I used the Pro Palette to learn all of my eye shadow techniques, after all.

Lorac Mini Pro Palettes in Sparkling and Simmering, $15 each

Above anything else, Lorac’s fall anniversary collection highlights my absolute favorite thing about the brand, which is its unwavering consistency. 25 years later, this line still harkens back to Lorac founder and makeup artist Carol Shaw’s goal for the original Pro Palette.

 “I had a vision for what I wanted to create: artistry palettes that I could tote around in my makeup kit, which housed all of my favorite eye shadow shades that I’d been using on my celebrity clients for years,” she recalls to Allure. “I wanted each palette to contain both mattes and shimmers to create any look you desired; I knew I wanted the formula to be highly-pigmented, long-lasting, super-smooth, buttery, and able to be used wet or dry for eyeliners.”

And every single palette that Lorac has released over the past decades has been exactly that — including the palettes in this new collection.

Lorac’s 25th-anniversary fall collection is available for $15 to $45 on September 22 at lorac.com.

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