Logan Lerman Has Salt-and-Pepper Hair, and I Can’t Stop Staring

If you were a little too into 2010’s Percy Jackson — and have been nursing a crush on Logan Lerman ever since — I have some amazing news for you. The actor, who currently stars in the Amazon Prime series Hunters, just revealed a brand-new look and it’s a doozy. On August 30, Lerman’s girlfriend, Ana Corrigan, posted a photo of him hiking on her Instagram story and revealed a full face of stubble and wavy, chin-length, salt-and-pepper hair that no one has ever seen before. The photo was presented without any caption or context, leaving me to wonder: um, when did this happen?!

Any fan of Lerman’s will tell you that this is a very different look than what they’re used to seeing. Since he was launched into fame in the early 2010s, he’s kept a pretty consistent look: short-cropped black-brown hair and a clean-shaven face. These days, he can be seen growing a beard every now and then, plus, he’s been growing that hair out in isolation like the rest of us. Still, this new photo of him just hits different. Way different.


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