Lady Gaga’s “911” Music Video: A Breakdown of All the Makeup Looks

When we caught wind that Lady Gaga was set to release a short film for her song “911,” we immediately marked our calendars for September 18. There’s only one thing that’s predictable about Gaga’s music videos, and it’s the guarantee of some pretty epic beauty looks. And we were right on the money — the “911” short film offered us not just one but six major makeup moments from Gaga.

As her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, tells Allure, the makeup itself is as much a part of the storytelling process as the hyper-detailed fashion, choreography, and settings used in the video — and most of those looks gravitate around the same Haus Laboratories product. “The Stupid Love eye shadow palette was used in most of the hero looks,” she recalls. “I wanted them to be really painterly and water-color feeling, like a new dimension of Chromatica.”

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The video opens on Gaga waking up and wandering through the desert before entering a small village, and things unsurprisingly get pretty trippy from there. At the beginning of the video, Gaga’s eyes are coated in pastel-blue eye shadow that extends all the way through her eyebrows. On the bottom, it spreads out diagonally like two butterfly wings, and some fluttery lashes complete the look.

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