Kylie Jenner’s Mismatched Nail Polish Is a Cute Look for Short Nails

These days, when you hear about the Kardashian/Jenner crew, it’s usually about their hair changes; for example, Kim Kardashian West dyeing her hair red and Kylie Jenner trying to decide if she wants to go blonde, pink, brown, or get extensions. But today, it’s all about nails, and not just any nails — it’s about Jenner’s new mismatched manicure.

If you are keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ll know that Jenner is currently at the Grand Canyon, frolicking in the mountains with friends and her two-year-old daughter, Stormi. The reality-show star posted many photos of the vacation, including one wearing waist-length braid. But now, the attention is all on her manicure.

The beauty mogul’s manicure consists of a different design on each finger: pink polka dots, a neon-orange outline, a yellow squiggle, blue cheetah print, the “evil eye” design, an orange zebra print, and a black cheetah print outline. She wore the manicure with a selection of four rings on various fingers, and we must say, the rings and manicure complement each other perfectly. 

This manicure was an uncharacteristic one for the Kylie Cosmetics founder. Jenner, who is normally seen with long nails, is now trying the shorter end of the manicure spectrum. This mid-length, almond-shaped style is new for Jenner, and honestly, we love it and hope it lasts a while.

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