Kimora Lee Simmons Launches Baby Phat Beauty With Shimmery Sets

When Baby Phat launched in 1999, I was decidedly within the boundaries of one of the key demographics; Kimora Lee Simmons was one of the most glamorous women walking the Earth, and I was one of the most trend-conscious 20-year-old sorority girls walking the… Tallahassee. The appeal was obvious. Understandably, one might think that I’ve since outgrown what would draw me to the iconic brand (I’ll be honest — I didn’t partake in 2019’s Forever 21 Baby Phat anniversary collection), but three little words have roped me right back in: Baby Phat Beauty.

Simmons and her daughters, Ming and Aoki, have just launched a beauty collection that brings back the shimmer and — as Simmons puts it — “fabulosity” of Baby Phat and the era that introduced us to it. Its debut product is the Shimmer Dreams set ($45), which comes in three versions: Ethereal, Opulence, and Divine.

Each of the three kits comes with an Illuminating Body Spray, Hydrating Body Lotion, and Plumping Lip Gloss. The differences between them are the scents — Ethereal is pear and amber, Opulence is floral with bergamot and caramel, and Divine is a citrusy blend with jasmine and vanilla — and the gloss and spray colors, though all fall into the pink category.

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