Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Every Big Beauty Moment Since Season 1

I’m known in the Allure offices as the resident Kardashian/Jenner expert. I’m not stalker-obsessed with them but I definitely admire their bond as a family — and of course, their beauty looks. When Keeping Up With the Kardashians first aired back in October 2007, I was 12 years old, so I can’t sit here and say I’ve been a fan of the shows since the very beginning, but I have been following the family on social media for as long as I can remember. Seriously — I can tell you every wig Kylie Jenner has worn in the last five years.

When the reality TV clan announced on social media that the last season of the show would air in early 2021, I was shocked. The family let 14 years (that’s 20 seasons) of their personal lives be televised for our entertainment. For it to end just like that has got me in my feelings, reflecting on the moments from the now-legendary show.

As the KUWTK concludes, there are three things that will last forever: the strong relationships the family shares, the memes that punctuated our digital interactions (throwback to when Khloé got arrested while Kim was taking selfies), and the iconic beauty moments. Although members of the family have been (rightly) accused of culturally appropriating, the massive role they’ve played in defining global beauty trends is also undeniable. Take a trip with me down memory lane as I reflect on the best Kardashian/Jenner beauty moments from the last 14 years.

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