Kaia Gerber Dyed Her Hair Pink — Photos

Though Kaia Gerber just bleached her light brown hair on August 15, that apparently wasn’t the end of the model’s color journey. With the help of hairstylist Guido Palau, she’s transformed her bleach-blonde hair into a cute pink ombré less than a week later. 

On August 19, she shared a behind-the-scenes video to Instagram with the caption, “i went pink!” In the video, Gerber is standing in her bathroom wearing a tie-dye shirt while Palau walks her through the process on a virtual call. 

“You know, I’ve never dyed my hair,” Gerber tells Palau before getting started. “I’ve always wanted to have pink hair. But because it was brown and I never bleached it, I didn’t want to bleach it just to go pink.”

She begins by sectioning the top half of her slightly damp blonde bob with a hair clip and putting on a towel and black jacket to prevent the dye from staining her clothes. Using black gloves, Gerber spreads the hot pink color throughout the bottom half of her hair. Palau recommends early on in the chat that she goes for a darker pink since she will be swimming and engaging in other activities that will likely lighten the hair over time.

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