Jenna Lyons on New False Lashes Beauty Line | Interview

“I love watching all those crazy videos of like, Huda Beauty, putting on contour and highlighter and then another contour and another highlighter and then seven sheets of eye makeup,” she says. “I can’t stop watching them. However, I can’t wear all of that. I’m too old, I don’t have that lifestyle. It’s not my vibe. So what is there for me, for people who want a quieter beauty?” In the lash world, she discovered, not a whole lot. Lyons found fake lashes to just be too much all around. “And there are eyelash extensions but that’s a whole other world. First, you have to live in a place where you can get them done. They’re expensive. They take a long time. If you’re not careful you can pull your eyelashes out. And I’ve seen a lot of people who end with way too many and they’re all the same length, so they look like they have garage doors on their eyes. I’m like, ‘Is that comfortable?'”

The answer is no, but before we continue let’s stop to reflect for a moment: Jenna Lyons, a woman responsible for at least a decade of American style, who dressed first ladies and royalty (Beyonce, Kate Middleton), has now come over to our side: the beauty game. And she’s going niche. The makeup signature of the J.Crew years was punchy, poppy lipstick (best served with bare skin and chunky black lenses) but that’s not Lyons’ first play. Somehow, 18 months ago, long before we stopped wearing pants to meetings and started covering the lower half of our faces in public, the ever-prescient Lyons decided false lashes were a good place to lean in.

The Romy style is long, feathery, and developed on models with deep-set eyes.

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