It’s Been Weeks, and I’m Still Stuck on This Gorgeous Green Lash Look by Wendy Asumadu — See the Photos

If you follow Wendy Asumadu on Instagram, then well, you know they’re more than just a makeup artist.

The Black beauty creator, who goes by @wendysworld_xox on social media, produces boundary-pushing makeup looks that are so mesmerizing, they have the power to stop you in your tracks the way that some paintings do. I would know, seeing as it happened to me personally a few weeks back when I came across a look of theirs featuring pink eye shadow, smiley face emoji stickers, and — I kid you not — the prettiest emerald-green lashes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

While it’s definitely one of their simpler looks, I just haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Perhaps it’s the shimmery pink eye shadow — which can be notoriously difficult to pull off — or the fact that they somehow managed to make emoji stickers seem so wearable.

More than anything, though, it’s the green lashes that get to me. Hell, I’ve barely worn anything on my lashes in months, and yet, here I am, researching green mascaras in my free time, all because of this dreamy eye look.

Speaking of which, Asumadu revealed that they used Ciaté’s Keep an Eye on Coloured Mascara in the shade “Bold” (a gorgeous bright green hue) for this high-voltage lash look, which, for the record, their fans are obsessed with, too. Case in point: Folks have left comments on the photo like, “it’s the lashes for me” and “Instantly got a smile on my faceeee these lashessssss.”

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