Issa Rae Gets Into the Hair-Care Game With Sienna Naturals: Exclusive

ALLURE: You mentioned you’re kind of lazy with your hair, which I can relate to because I really don’t have time to be doing the most. What’s your wash day routine like?

IR: I’m very much a wash-and-go type of person. I wash my hair and condition it on a typical day, then add oils and a moisturizer. The Dew Magic I use if I’m feeling like I need to get out there, [if] I need a bit more moisture, I’ll use the curl elixir and keep it pushing. But I use various styling products depending on the day and where I’m going. Now that work’s [slowed down], I’m doing less admittedly, but I do find that at least it makes me look like I tried.

ALLURE: Which is all that really matters.

IR: Yeah. I mean, you can’t really judge me during this time.

ALLURE: Do you help decide Issa’s beauty on Insecure, especially with how they evolve?

IR: Definitely. But I will say I stay more on the story side. Felicia has creative freedom in terms of determining the styles and she’ll show me different pictures. She’ll say “I was thinking this,” and I’ll be like, “Oh, this is Issa’s state of mind here.” So, my styles are more story-driven as opposed to, “I need Issa to have this braid and it needs to go to the side like this.” That’s where she really gets to play. 

And [Felicia] does think about time. I think in season one, you could see the difference because we were just like, “we’re about to do everything, let’s show it all off.” And then, season two, by that time I was like, “Girl, [Issa’s] literally broke right now and going through it. So maybe she just has one hairstyle today or this week.” 

ALLURE: So, can you drop the skincare routine or what?

IR: [Laughs] This pandemic has been so great just for my hair. I see my hair growing and being healthy and for once, that goes for skin too. I have been actually able to experiment a bit more, but I use Dr. Sturm Products, like the hyaluronic serum. That has worked wonders. I moisturize a lot, all over because, again, I’m a very dry person in general and I just find that as long as I’m moisturizing my skin, it helps the glow.

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