Interview: Ana de Armas on Her Beauty and Skin-Care Routines

Ana de Armas has the glow of someone with major movies in the pipeline (No Time to Die, the latest in the Daniel Craig-fronted James Bond series, and Deep Water, a thriller in which she stars opposite Ben Affleck, are both slated for release in November), a new puppy (her name is Salsa and, says de Armas, she’s a “great cuddler”), and bathroom shelves full of La Mer products.

The actor is collaborating with the skin-care brand in celebration of a new, souped-up version of The Concentrate, a fan-favorite serum now with antioxidant protection to help soothe and strengthen the skin barrier. It’s de Armas’s first beauty partnership and — seeing as she “always” travels with a full suite of La Mer products — a fitting one.

We spoke with the actor about skin care as self-care, transforming into Marilyn Monroe for an upcoming film, and how she’s finding peace amid the pandemic.

ALLURE: What’s your earliest beauty memory?

DE ARMAS: Oh my gosh, I remember using homemade exfoliators and masks with my mom — we invented them using sugar and oils. I must have been 9 or 10 years old at the time. Growing up in Cuba, I was always outside and on the beach. So I had lots of sun on my face, and the freckles would come out. 

But as a teenager, you don’t really think about that too much. I also didn’t really have products to put on, because in Cuba that’s not something you usually have. My awareness about taking care of my skin and protecting it happened as I got older.

ALLURE: What does your skin-care routine look like today?

DE ARMAS: I’ve learned to enjoy the time [I spend applying my products] and slow down a little bit. It hadn’t been my priority. And I felt like I spent too much time in the bathroom! But now, I make sure that after I wake up, I wash my face. I put on all my serums and sunscreen in the morning. 

And then at night, if I put makeup on that day, I take the makeup off. I wash my face again and I put on all of the serums plus eye cream… the whole thing! I’ve become very protective of my little creams. So all of a sudden, I find myself buying everyone else their own so they don’t touch mine!

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