Influencer Behind the HipDot x FacedByKareem Palette Shares Story — Interview

After putting together his proposal in three hours, Rogers experienced major changes. He was forced out of his home in Houston, had to quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and became homeless — all at the start of the pandemic. (He now has a place to live in Las Vegas.) “While I was trying to find a home for myself and survive in LA, during COVID while not making money or having a job, I was still pushing my artistry,” Rogers says. “I was still working on my vision with this palette.”

In the midst of it all, Rogers decided to submit his palette pitch, and within an hour, HipDot gave it an OK. The brand decided to make Rogers’ palette the start of a larger initiative: the HipDot Creator Series. More collaborations with under-the-radar influencers and creatives are in the works. 

“HipDot realized there aren’t creators like me, with smaller followings, with hard drive and real passion for change in the beauty community, that are getting the opportunity to work directly with brands on their vision, on their dream products, on what they want to change in the beauty community,” Rogers says. 

Understand the Undertones 

The undertones are the most essential part of the palette. When picking the right ones, Rogers took his own into account. “I have neutral, golden, and olive undertones, which I feel like is very like hard to perfect, especially when it comes to complexion products,” he says. 

Bronzers and blushes for darker complexions are few and far between. Many that are on the market, in his opinion, don’t show up true to tone. So with his palette, Rogers wanted to ensure he and others like him could find everything they needed and deserved in one convenient place — including the perfect, universally flattering yellow. 


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