Ilia’s Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil Made My Lips Look Plush | Review

I’d like to think that I’ve made my obsession with lipsticks pretty well known on the internet. I love bold makeup and lipsticks just do the damn thing. On the flip side, lip glosses have less color payoff and tend to be sticky (a pet peeve of mine), and I usually only apply lip balms, oils, and masks right before bed for a Zzz-time reset. But now that the most I get out of wearing lipstick is a Zoom call or Instagram photoshoot in my room, I’ve been taking more notice and care of my bare lips. 

Whereas I’d never give my lips much of a break pre-pandemic, I’m now acutely aware when they feel parched or look cracked. I keep multiple lip balms at the ready on my work desk, but one particular product has been hogging all of the attention lately is Ilia’s Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil. The name alone suggests a different type of lip product: one that combines the best elements glosses, oils, and balms have to offer.

Right photo, from top to bottom: Saint, Linger, Tahiti, Maybe Violet, Petals, Only You

Courtesy of brand / Sarah Han for Allure

You can feel the hydration as soon as the applicator hits your lips, thanks to a potent blend of hyaluronic acid, salicornia herbacea extract (that is, according to the brand, “derived from a sea succulent that grows along the shores and marshes of densely salted water”), meadowfoam seed oil, and shea butter extract to keep your lips soft and supple for hours. 

While I never expected them to last very long, these lip oils actually fade really beautifully. I usually end up applying a new coat around two hours later just to re-intensify the color. They also have a barely-noticeable gingery yuzu scent that I appreciate — because nothing is more nauseating to me than an overly fruity or floral lip gloss. 

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