I Tried TikTok’s Color Theory Foundation Hack — See Photos

Since the stay-home orders have been in effect, I have gone through all of my foundations — at least two bottles. (You may be wondering why the hell I’m even wearing foundation during these times. It just makes me feel good, dammit!) Since running out — because I currently can’t go to the Allure beauty closet to just grab a new one and my local Sephora isn’t open yet — it has been a real struggle figuring out my shade to order one online (especially now that the weather is warmer and my skin is tanner). While scrolling on TikTok, though, I came across a color-theory video about a hack that supposedly gives you the perfect foundation shade every time using just a few colorful pigments.

The trick comes from makeup artist Hannah Rosie Bennett, who posted the TikTok video in which she applies white, red, blue, and yellow dots all over her face, takes a blending brush, and buffs the pigments into her skin. Like magic, when all the shades come together, it creates her perfect foundation hue. According to Bennett, the reason why this works is that all foundations are made of four primary colors — but we’ll get more into that a little later.

It seemed way too good to be true, so naturally, I had to try it myself to see if this actually works. If it does, it would be a huge game-changer.

First things first: I needed the four pigment colors. My makeup collection is fairly neutral, so finding red, blue, yellow, and white shades were going to be a struggle. I ended up hopping on the internet, and after some research, I landed on the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case. This palette holds 12 highly pigmented, opaque, cream shades that work for the face, eyes, body, and lips.

In the video, Bennett’s theory was to use primary colors that will help neutralize her fair skin, so I followed a similar technique, but with some adjustments for my olive-undertoned complexion. I dipped a cotton swab into the four shades, one at a time, and started to apply dots to my face. First, I used the white, followed by yellow, then red, and blue. I would say I applied an even number of each shade to my face, and by the time I was done, I looked like a clown who escaped the circus.

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