How to Wear Bright Eye Shadow Looks in Yellow, Pink, and Beyond

Before you reach for a shimmery aquatic blue shadow, like the Buxom Eyeshadow Bar in Schmooze, keep this in mind: “Turquoise, for me, is always a tricky color because it doesn’t fit every skin tone, and it doesn’t fit every day,” Violette notes. On medium and deep skin tones, it looks fresh and vibrant. However, the bright blue brights out the gray and green in light and olive complexions and can make your skin look tired and dull as a result. The exception featured in this shot: light eye colors. 

Although Violette mentions old-school teachings would say, “if you have green eyes, you can’t wear green eye shadow. If you have blue eyes, you can’t wear blue eye shadow,” she finds that total nonsense. 

The colors of the shadow and eyes work with the contrast, and blue eyes will naturally adjust to the look. “They become gray or green,” Violette says. “But it’s fun. You can change your eye color for the day.” 

When you’re ready to proceed with your turquoise look, start off by smudging shadow on the inner and outer corners of your eyes with one of your fingers. “There’s no better tool than that because we always have a tiny bit of oil on our fingers,” Violette explains. Then, extend the edges out into your creases with a fluffy brush. 

2. Block It Out 

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