How to Use ATM With Long Nails — Sassy Card Swiper Keychain Hack

While having long nails offers much more space for creative manicures, they can sometimes be impractical and make certain tasks a bit difficult. One of the most consistently frustrating activities, in my opinion, is using an ATM or any machine with a similar card reader. Because there’s such little space between the inserted card and the machine itself, it’s nearly impossible to properly grip the card and pull it out with long nails. To solve that issue, nail artist Jamie Barbie created the Sassy Card Swiper.

The Sassy Card Swiper is a beaded keychain with a clip at the end. To use, you simply attach the clip to the card and insert it like you normally would into the machine. Then, using the beads on the keychains as shown in the video, you remove it from the reader. Genius!

People have created various hacks in the past to help solve this problem, including attaching a small sticky note or page tab to a credit card to help pull it out or using a pair of tweezers to extract it. However, you may forget your tweezers at home and the paper tabs may lose their stickiness over time, and you’ll likely never be without your keychain. 

The handy tool is $15 and comes in seven different styles, sizes, and colors, all available on Barbie’s website. (She also sells gorgeous press-on nails in 2D and 3D designs and owns her own nail salon in Augusta, Georgia, called The Sassy Nails Studio.) With the help of the Sassy Card Swiper, there will be no more standing awkwardly at the ATM while trying to figure out how to get your card back. One of life’s annoying little problems, solved. 

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