How Jennifer Garner Is Treating Her Maskne — Interview

ALLURE: When did you realize SPF was so important?

GARNER: Pretty early on. I would say that I got pretty serious about sunscreen in my 20s. Although I wasn’t outside all that much, I was always in a theater or working at a theater. I wasn’t really somebody who went to the beach, so my skin was saved by a very geeky adolescence and early adulthood.

ALLURE: Now that we are wearing masks a lot, have they changed anything about your skin-care routine?

GARNER: Absolutely. You have to just take the extra step. That’s why I’ve been exfoliating a little more and using an exfoliating cleanser. I do think it’s so important to wear a mask, and it can also trap things in your pores, so you just want to be mindful of that. You just have to make sure you really are putting a clean mask on a clean face and cleaning your face when you take it off.

I also really like toners, like a pore-refining [one], after wearing the mask. It is a great way to make sure you’ve gotten everything out of your skin as well.

ALLURE: How do you like to apply toner?

GARNER: I put it on either the edge of my washcloth, which I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that, or a cotton pad so that I can see what else has gotten out of that skin.

ALLURE: Have you made any other beauty discoveries while sheltering in place?

GARNER: I learned how to blow-out my hair for the first time in my life. [Hairstylist] Adir [Abergel] and I FaceTimed. We actually ended up posting it on Instagram. He had to teach me in real-time, and I did not have extra time to be coy about it. We just had to get it done because I had to be on The Tonight Show from home. I’ve done my own hair and makeup for so many things over the last few months, and I’ve learned a bunch.

ALLURE: Anything makeup-related?

GARNER: I have learned the importance of powder in front of a camera, which, I mean, I’ve been powdered a million times in my life, but I’d never paid attention. Now, I get it. I’ve also learned the importance of your neck matching your face.

ALLURE: When you do your eye makeup, do you like to do something in particular for your virtual appearances?

GARNER: I don’t really trust myself to do a ton, but what I will do is I’ll take a liquid eyeliner, and I just go right, right into the lash. Then, smoke it up a little bit with either a brush or Q-tip. If I only do that, mascara, and eyebrow pencil, then, I feel like, OK, I’ve done a great job.

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