Former and Current Sephora Employees Are Sharing Makeup Tips on TikTok — See Videos

When you work in beauty retail, you learn more than your fair share about makeup. Sephora employees, for example, have to know their stores — and the products within — like the back of their hand. They need to know which products will work best with every customer and know how to apply them all effectively. Anyone hired to work in-store at a Sephora likely knew a ton about makeup to begin with, but the company’s mandatory training program (which covers makeup techniques, fragrance creation, and skin science) makes them way more knowledgable on beauty than most.

If you ever wanted to know how a Sephora employee does their makeup or what their favorite products are, you don’t have to get hired there or so much as walk into a store. On TikTok, former and current Sephora employees are sharing the best makeup tips they’ve learned in training plus the holy grail products they’ve discovered while on the job.

User @babyvampbeauty has an entire series on the app dedicated to sharing her best makeup tips from Sephora training. In the first video of the series, she shares her process for creating the perfect symmetric lip line. With a lip liner that’s slightly deeper than her natural skin tone, she draws small lines on the Cupid’s bow, the outer corners, and on the very bottom of the lip; from there, she simply connects the lines.

“Here’s the trick: From the corners, you want to connect [to the Cupid’s bow] going upwards,” she says. “This way, you’re creating a fuller lip.”

In her other videos, she shares her tips for foundation application, eye shadow blending, nose contouring, and just about every other makeup tip you could imagine. And she’s not the only one sharing her Sephora secrets. Another former Sephora employee, @kyragallego shares makeup tips, must-have products, and even tips for getting hired as a beauty advisor.

In one of her makeup tip videos, she spills some must-know tips about applying foundation, especially on dry skin. “If you have dry skin, do not use a brush on your face; use a damp sponge… a sponge is going to help pat it all down and make sure you have a nice, even, hydrated complexion,” she says. “If your skin is looking too powdery, use a hydrating spray to help melt all the powders together.”

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