Fenty Skin by Rihanna Launches First Products — Read the Details

“Drop the skin-care routine.” It’s the phrase you see in the comments of nearly every photo on social media of someone with glowing skin, whether it’s normal folks like you and I, or uber-famous celebrities like Rihanna. But the singer-turned-makeup mogul is doing us one better — she’s not just telling us how she takes care of her skin, she created a whole set of products for us to buy so we can follow in her footsteps.

Since Riri let it slip that Fenty Skin was on the way, we’ve seen a bunch of teasers fleshing out the concept of her latest venture. The most significant has been the little detail that the brand is unisex — promo shots for Fenty Skin have included men (Lil’ Nas X and A$AP Rocky, to be specific), with a note that the forthcoming line was created “for everyone.”

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So, up until now, we knew that Riri was launching a skin-care line with gender-neutral branding. Cool. Today, we know so much more since She’s given us a first look at the initial product launch for Fenty Skin. And it looks like Miss Thing is intent on changing the current conversation around skin care as is it now.

These days, it’s not uncommon for folks to have daily skin-care routines that include multiple serums, exfoliants of the physical and chemical variety, essences, spot treatments, and at least two different kinds of cleansers. That’s cool and all, but it’s not the vibe Rihanna’s going for. The singer is ushering in a “new culture” of skin care, and this one far less fussy.

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