Fall 2020 Beauty Trends With Bold Makeup and Hair Ideas

The runways have long celebrated what’s to come. This year’s fall shows portended strength and optimism — in showers of glitter, in tracks of crystals — just as the world was about to pause. As if to say: We’ll get through this. And when we do, things will be beautiful again. We can also see that mindset spanning bold pink shadow, orange-red lips, oversized hair accessories, and graphic liner in the most unexpected styles and placements — as if to say, to heck with the rules. 

Just like fashion, the beauty industry has taken hits left and right from COVID-19, but there’s always a silver lining in the worst of situations — like, queer individuals turning to beauty to empower themselves, incredible nonprofits like Beauty 2 The Streetz flourishing, and brands donating money and supplies to relief efforts.

Ahead, we celebrate six trends that embody those stepping up to help their fellow communities, and those taking care of themselves through the healing powers of their beauty routines, perhaps more than ever. Mark our words, these bold beauty trends will be everywhere this fall.

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