Dashing Diva Sun Gloss Gel Nail Strips Change Colors in Direct Sunlight — Review

There are Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips, which are fabulous in their own right, and then there are color-changing Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Strips, courtesy of the brand’s new Sun Gloss collection. Each set has 34 total strips and four strips that change colors when exposed to direct sunlight. 

I was intrigued by the cute novelty factor, so I decided to try Bottoms Up (pictured below), which is a set made up of 22 bright red, eight sparkly pink-and-gold, and four strips with color-changing hearts that go from buff to red. I’m also known as what you’d call a so-so nail painter, and I often mess up my nails before they’ve completely dried, so nail wraps are definitely up my alley.

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That being said, they’re super easy to apply. Los Angeles-based manicurist Holly Falcone recommends washing your hands, removing any old polish, and then wiping down your nails with acetone. Then, find the right sizes for each nail (bend them over the edge of your nails to make sure the sticker will cover the whole nail), press firmly, and file down to remove the excess strip as needed. 

Here’s where I tell you a little trick. I’ve used Dashing Diva gel nail strips before, but they would always get stuck in my hair. A big no-no. So to remedy that for this round, I bought a cuticle pusher to gently push the excess skin back, and then I lined up the stickers so that there’s no space between the bottom edge and my cuticles. In fact, they basically go underneath my cuticles. 

It made a world of difference, and I could finally run my fingers through my hair without snagging strands every two seconds. There are other tricks for applying nail wraps, like adding a layer of top coat to seal in the sticker, which help too.

And et voilà, this was the finished product:

Sarah Han/Allure

As you can see, I took both photos outside, but the color change only works in direct sunlight. So no, it doesn’t work through a window either. While my little hearts didn’t turn as bright red as the product packaging implies, they turned into a lovely pink. 

They figuratively fill up my heart (I know, cheesy) and brighten up my socially-distanced walks around the neighborhood. I haven’t been outside as much as I’d like to be, and these color-changing stickers are a good reminder to get some proper (and safe, as in wearing sunscreen and a mask) sunshine. 

Here’s a close-up photo of my other hand for good measure:

Courtesy of brand

I noticed slight peeling at the tops around day five, as well as some bubbling around the edges, but that could be a result of not applying a top coat (which I ran out of). Or in a few cases, reapplying the same sticker a second time — which is probably not advised, even if you have a mild case of perfectionism. Despite a few hiccups, these Dashing Diva gel strips performed really well and required far less effort than a traditional polish manicure.

There are three styles currently available in the Sun Gloss Collection, and I’m eager to try Yellow Meringue next, which changes from yellow to blue for a bolder color-changing experience. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must perfect my hand modeling skills.

You can shop all sets from dashingdiva.com for $8 each. 

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