Clionadh Cosmetics Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow Swatches (x17)

Last November, I purchased a 17-piece set of Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadows ($25.00 CAD for 0.05 oz.) and received it earlier this year. The Jewelled Multichrome finish has a black base and shifts between at least three colors. The brand gets a lot of love from readers here and the wider community, particularly for their Stained Glass Collection, which is a permanent collection of multichrome eyeshadows. Make sure to click on any shade that might interest you to see additional swatches (many shades have four or more swatches)! 🙂

The only downside to the brand is that they have a very long turnaround time (which was only worsened by current events!). They appear to be working through more steadily, and it seems like they’ll be more fluid in September. By the time I finish reviewing all of these Multichromes, it’ll probably be around that time 😬 They are a Canadian brand, and shipping to the US appears to be a flat rate of $15 CAD (about $11 US). There were three additional shades in this finish released (that I don’t have), too. You can pre-order from the brand’s Stained Glass collections (bundles and individual shades) for delivery in September.

I didn’t purchase all of the Multichromes the brand makes (there’s now 90+!), as they are pricier, so I wanted to try some before buying the whole farm, y’know 🙂

Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadows

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