Cardi B Got Dermal Piercings and a Tattoo Touch-Up At Home — See Photos

Cardi B is known for many things in the beauty world. Her long acrylic nails, her wildly impressive wig collection, and her detailed tattoos. In late May, she grew her collection of body art by revealing a new massive back tattoo. And now, Cardi has decided to touch up one of her older tattoos since its color was fading. While she was at it, she got a few new body piercings too.

Cardi chose to refresh the coloring on her peacock tattoo, arguably her most iconic piece of body art. The rapper shared a before and after of the piece on Instagram, adding that it’s been 10 years since she first got her peacock tattooed on the side of her hip and thigh, so it was time for a refresh.

“So after ten years, I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover. This whole week I have been takin hours of pain getting tatted,” she captioned the photo. The artist behind the needle is Jamie Schene, who was also responsible for the new back art Cardi just got.

In addition to just touching up the color of the art, Schene also added new details to enhance the peacock. He gave a new texture to the feathers, added more florals, and a beautiful, vibrant butterfly to the center. The tattoo artist also posted his work to his personal Instagram page where he wrote “I gave Cardi’s peacock a makeover! Thanks for the trust. Your strength and determination are inspiring,” he wrote. “Getting tattooed for 7 days in a row is no joke.” Personally I could barely sit for 20 minutes to get my tattoo, so seven days honestly sound impossible.

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