Britney Spears Reveals Natural Freckles in Filter-Free Photo

As the movement to end her conservatorship rages on, Britney Spears is baring more of herself to the world little by little. Just a few weeks after declaring on Instagram that “no makeup is the way to go,” the singer is sharing the filter-free versions of some of her most recent selfies. “The last pic is the original …. no touch ups or filter !!!!!!!” she captioned two different Instagram slideshows on August 10.

The pictures show Spears in her own yard with her hair half-up and seemingly makeup-free, save for her signature smudged eyeliner and mascara. Her cheeks look pinked from the sun and are smattered with a healthy dose of freckles, which never would have been visible with the original filter. Spears shared the same selfies about a week before posting the filter-free versions and wrote that the sun is the reason her skin’s looking so good these days (we hope she’s wearing a good SPF). “Now I stay outside a lot and I give the sun credit for lifting my spirits and giving me a natural glow,” she wrote on August 4.

It seems that Spears is definitely sticking to what she recently said about toning down her look for good. “I mean …. a little makeup is fun but after spending so much time in hair and makeup chairs to look flawless …. I think a natural look is the way to go,” she wrote on Instagram on July 20. “It makes you look waaaay younger and so much better.” Of course, Spears still wouldn’t be caught without her beloved mascara and a little eyeliner, but can you really blame her? Even with a “natural” look, we wouldn’t want to give that up either.

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