Blackpink & Selena Gomez ‘Ice Cream’ Video: See Every Hair, Makeup & Nail Look

Selena killed the retro vibe all throughout the music video. Starting with her striped sailor-inspired outfit and high ponytail-vizor situation and finishing off with extra fluttery lashes, thick black liner, bold red lip, and a silk printed headscarf, she came here to serve looks. Despite having different beauty themes, both Selena’s and Blackpink’s looks pair nicely together and lean into the flirtatious, summery lyrics.

5. Lisa’s pink jelly, 3D nails (and an assortment of eye stickers)

YG Entertainment / YouTube

The girls wore gloves during much of the video (whether because of the temperature of the ice cream or the pandemic, it’s a good choice), but when they weren’t, they were showing off some extravagant nail art, undoubtedly created by Blackpink’s go-to nail artist, Park Eunkyung, also known as Unistella. We didn’t get a full-hand shot of these cute-as-heck jelly nails accented with 3D flowers, but we’re adding it to our beauty inspiration folder anyway — along with Jennie’s blue-sky nails that close out the music video.

Lisa’s eye stickers may deserve their own standalone shoutout, but we’ll just appreciate their beauty here. The shots are extremely fast and blurry but we can still make out butterfly, heart, and star stickers. Whatever they are, they’re stunning against her black liner and hair.

6. Jisoo’s romantic pink makeup and soft waves

YG Entertainment / YouTube

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