Best of Patrick Ta Major Beauty Headlines Collection

Now that I’ve finished reviewing the newest Patrick Ta collection, which included four Cream & Powder Blush Duos ($34.00 each) and four Matte Suede Lipsticks ($32.00 each).  I really enjoyed the powder blush formula in the duos, and while the cream blush wasn’t low quality, it was less interesting and seemed to shorten the wear (when layered on top of the powder blush, as intended).

The lipsticks are more velvety, silicone-like, so they glided on well but didn’t feel traditionally creamy or emollient. They were very pigmented and long-wearing.

P.S. — There are also four Lip Crayons ($26.00 each) that pair with the lipsticks, which I didn’t purchase.

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Patrick Ta Major Beauty Headlines Collection for June 22nd

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