Best Eye Shadow Palettes for Dark Skin Tones, Pigmentation Without Chalkiness — Expert Picks

Among the hundreds of eye shadows palettes on the market, a number of them, unfortunately, seem like they just weren’t formulated with deeper skin tones in mind. Shadows swatch on chalky or vanish into thin air once blended. Some powders even change color on skin but not in a fun duochrome way. Luckily, stunning palettes that complement and celebrate deeper skin tones exist. 

Inspired by a tweet from Lauren Brown aka @raggedyroyal, Allure asked five makeup artists to share their top recommendations for best eye shadow palettes for deeper skin tones. The professionals offered up an incredible range of rainbow and neutral selections, including a 12-shade nude set that’s possibly Beyoncé’s favorite. (Thanks for the intel, Rokael Lizama.) 

All of the eye shadow palettes feature extraordinary pigmentation, flattering hues, and a variety of undertones. You’re sure to find transition shades that actually appear on deeper skin tones and brights that sweep on just as vividly as they seem in their pans with ashiness. Every finish and variation of ROYGBIV your heart desires are sure to be accounted for.

Makeup artist Keita Moore even suggested a pick from a drugstore brand that is good enough for his celebrity clients, such as Iman, Halima Aden, and Tiffany Haddish. New York City-based pros Michela Wariebi and Raisa Flowers also had black-owned beauty brands, such as Juvia’s Place, Coloured Raine, and Pat McGrath Labs, on their lists. One of Issa Rae’s go-to makeup artists Delina Medhin has a beloved collaboration to keep in mind, too. 

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