Best Black-Owned Skin-Care Brands to Support — Reviews

Black-owned beauty brands should be celebrated every day, but in the current climate, it’s an especially good time to amplify that support of these companies and their founders. The influence of Black culture is everywhere: music, fashion, and of course, beauty. We can thank Black voices in beauty for some of the most talked-about and used beauty trends: Gelled-down baby hairs, bedazzled hairlines, acrylic nails — the list goes on and on.

When it comes to skin care, Black beauty-brand founders know it’s way more than a trend — it’s a passion and a lifestyle. There are plant-based brands like Kaike, sunscreens that are made with darker complexions in mind such as, Black Girl Sunscreen (what white cast?), and face and body oils by brands such as Oui to the People and Beauty Bakerie that will have you glowing for days. Whatever kind of skin care you’re looking for, a Black-owned brand has done it — and done it well.

To honor the contribution Black entrepreneurs and beauty experts have made to the skin-care industry, we’re shouting-out some of our favorite Black-owned brands, products, and founders that deserve your support now and always. Take a scroll through to find 11 of our favorites.

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