Becca x Barbie Ferreira Prismatic Collection for Holiday 2020

BECCA x Barbie Ferreira Prismatica Face Palette is a face and eye palette of bold colour and iridescent light for multidimensional holiday looks, curated together with Barbie Ferreira.

Highlight, blush, bronze, and define your face and eyes for endless holiday looks from 1 makeup palette. Developed with new Prismatic Pigments, each of the 5 shades blend seamlessly. Layer bold colour and iridescent light for multidimensional looks that match any mood, vibe, or occasion, from soft and subtle to bright and bold.

Curated together with Barbie Ferreira, each shade in this this versatile, full-face palette refracts light and reflects sheen. Plus, an iridescent topper, created with a sheer base and eye-catching reflective pearl, can be layered on top of any other shade to add a prismatic effect to the face and eyes.

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