Are there any areas of your collection you’re trying to minimize? Which ones?

Sunscreen; I have about 10-12 in current rotation… I’m trying to narrow it down to one, maybe two, that work in all weather, and under makeup…

Nail polish; I honestly only wear a few types of shades.

Lip Gloss; realistically, if I’m not wearing color on my lips, I’m just wearing a lip balm, which is another product I’m working through… That said, since lockdown, I’ve been making some real progress on both, and have finished 4 glosses, which I constantly reapply all day, and a lip balm, which I use at night.

“Warmer” lip & cheek products; I have a drawer that I’ve been housing products I like, but don’t absolutely love the shade of, so that I can make more of an effort to use them, and make a final decision whether to declutter. I’ve also decided I’m going to start putting in products that are okay, but I love the shade, for the same purpose.

Drugstore products, overall… It’s not that I don’t love anything from the drugstore, and the fact is several of my absolute favorites are from there, but because of the relatively low cost, I end up buying alot more without a second thought than if I were shopping at Sephora… However, I will still favor budget-friendly lip products!

At this point, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything, aside from eyeshadow palettes, for the rest of the year, unless something incredibly unique comes along…

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