6 Drag Queens Reveal Their Skin-Care Routines and Products — Interviews

Beat. Paint. Mug. Whatever you call a drag queen‘s makeup, it’s damn hard to take off at the end of a night in full drag. Like a Ford, drag makeup must be built to last — and queens make sure it does with lots of adhesives, full-coverage foundations, setting powders, and long-wear lipsticks, among plenty of other smudge-proof products. If you think taking off your waterproof mascara at the end of the day is hard, multiply that process by about 20, and now you’ve got a vague idea of how much effort getting out of drag takes.

And, of course, wearing that much long-wear makeup so often can clog pores and cause all sorts of skin issues if it’s not effectively removed before sleeping. That said, most drag queens have their makeup-removal and skin-care routines down to specific science. So we asked six of our favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants (both former and current) to give us the rundown on their favorite techniques and products.

Below, six drag queens reveal their post-drag skin-care routines.

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Crystal Methyd

Courtesy of Crystal Methyd; Illustration by Clara Hendler

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