6 Best Haircut Trends for Fall 2020 – Top Haircuts & Styles

Now more than ever, folks are itching to revamp their style. Call it the quarantine effect. Since March, most of the United States has been sheltering in place while dealing with COVID-19. Though we’re all living in the same pandemic, every state is handling it differently, which means some of us haven’t seen a hairstylist in months, while others are getting services inside with masks on or making it work with outside salons. But some things are the same, and that, friends, is the fact that even in a pandemic, hairstylists are still seeing trends. 

Whether you want an update for Zoom calls, Bumble virtual dates, or you’re lucky enough to get to spend time with family and don’t want to hear your mom ask when your next haircut is (insert side-eye here), these celebrity styles will provide all the inspiration  you need. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, kinky, or somewhere in between — there’s an option out there just for you.

We rounded up six of-the-moment cuts for fall and asked our favorite hairstylists to share exactly who should get each one. Warning: you might want a buzz cut when you’re done reading.

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